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Eeyore is the ever melancholy donkey from the Hundred Acre Wood. Having no home of his own, and barely even a tail (it's stuck on with a nail - when it isn't lost), Eeyore spends much of his time moping around and telling everyone it'll probably rain. But despite his gloomy outlook on life, Eeyore is a loving and caring member of the Hundred Acre Wood, always willing to help his friends, and always puts others before himself. With his calm nature and big heart, Eeyore is a truly loved donkey by all that meet him.

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Meeting Eeyore

At Walt Disney World, Eeyore can be sometimes be met in the Magic Kingdom next to the Pooh attraction, but not all the time.
Eeyore features everyday, all day, at the Crystal Palace Buffet on Main Street.
In Disneyland Paris, Eeyore is sometimes up by "it's a small world", or outside Plaza Inn on Central Plaza.
In California, Eeyore can always be found in Critter Country near the Pooh attraction.
In Tokyo Disneyland Eeyore can occasionally be found near the main entrance in World Bazaar, and always at the character dining at the Crystal Palace.
As far as we know, Eeyore does not make appearances in Hong Kong Disneyland at this time.
Where have you met EeyoreX
Walt Disney World
Disneyland Resort
Disneyland Paris
Tokyo Disney Resort
Hong Kong Disneyland
Shanghai Disney Resort
Disney Cruise Line
Rarity Resort You
Out Sometimes or at Character Meal Walt Disney World  
Out Regularly Disneyland  
Out Often Disneyland Paris  
Out Sometimes or at Character Meal Tokyo Disneyland  
Never Out Hong Kong Disneyland  
Unknown Shanghai  
Disney Cruise Line  
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