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9/5/2014 10:00 PM
360 Degrees of Disney
Peter Pan
360 Degrees of Disney

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Hi this is my "Rock Your Disney Side" 24 hour trip report, lets begin the day before the event started.
We arrived at Hollywood Studios and went to Pop-Up Surprise or Character Palozza and saw some great characters

Green Army Man


And Queen of Hearts that is one less character we have to meet tomorrow!

Then we went to the Star Wars Mickey Friends Dinner.

Next, we rode some rides and such then when to bed anticipating a long day tomorrow.
We over slept and got up at 6:30 got to the park by 7:15 and rode for its soft opening then mine train. Then we heard Pinocchio was out on Main Street so we went to meet him.

Now this was about the time I wanted get on line for Stromboli thinking he was going to be the hit of the night so they convinced me to wait until later so we met mickey but he wasn't talking.

Then it was time for the Hero's MISICISP.

Then it was time for our first ever viewing of the Festival of Fantasy parade.

Then it was time for the Villains MISICISP.

Then it was time for Lunch with our 100 archer wood friends.

After that, we went back to the room to rest and by the time we got back it was time for the Villains pre-parade. One of the people we were with was going to the Stromboli line I was sure he would be the Longest line so we watched the cavalcade.

Next we got over to Stromboli, no line had formed except us so incase we couldn't find the location 2 friendly cast members gave us a pass to cut the line when he came out. So our friend stayed there and we went to scope out the other lines no line in tommorowland for Bowler Hat etcetera but then we see the Hercules characters line and people had been lining up since 8!! So we will have to use that Stromboli pass we put our friend on the Hercules gang line and we run to Bowler Hat we were first on line and at 1:45 mayhem ensued.
Met Bowler hat

So we go to use our Stromboli pass and the line has grown not as big as Hercules gang but long and we go up to the front with our pass and show it to the lady and she says this is for rides only but then we pointed out to her that it said STOMBOLI in all caps to which she replied it would be unfair to let us cut the line but she said meet me by the Pinocchio bathrooms in 13 minutes. We waited and about 12 minutes later we saw Stromboli pass from one side of backstage to the other then magically he came from the carousel and walked in and she told us to wait then he came back out gave us a quick photo session.

Then we checked on our friend no progress there so we went to see who was on main street and saw a fiendish Wolf and a Maniacal Bear
Big Bad Wolf


We were going to meet some others but we were told that no one was meeting Pain and Panic. Supposedly, they were letting people go and meet them but it was not true so Pain and Panic went in and Hades and Megara came out. The line moved and that happened a couple of times before we were up. Hades and Megara went in and Pain and Panic came out and the line threw a riot so they were trying to find someone to meet Pain and Panic so we left our friend in his/her place and we met them and guess what? Megara came out as we were meeting them so that's an extra bonus.
Pain, Panic, and Megara

No one was meeting them after Megara went in so why not see them again

After they went in a high up looking man came out brought all the cast members together and whispered something to them and they all looked scared for their live and we said as they came back over you are not telling us that after four hours of waiting you are going to say oh sorry Hades went back to the underworld and then to our relief they said it was a completely disffrent matter so the they came
Hades and Megara

Then as we were walking around we saw there was no line for Stromboli so we said why not meet him some else
saw Frollo out as well aw man. Then saw no line for Bowler hat so why not

Then saw the goodbye show crazy night

Thanks for reading more trip reports to come!
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9/6/2014 4:15 AM

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Wow you've met some great characters at all these events congrats

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9/6/2014 6:49 AM
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Fab report! Enjoyed reading it!!

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9/6/2014 6:50 AM
360 Degrees of Disney
Peter Pan
360 Degrees of Disney

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Thanks most were crazy but it helps if you have a large group and people who would be fine not meeting some of the characters
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