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9/28/2014 1:56 PM
360 Degrees of Disney
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360 Degrees of Disney

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Hi everyone! I just got back from a three day trip to Disney World.
Originally we were suppose to go straight to Epcot, but we decided we would rather see who would be out at Pop-Up Surprise a/k/a Character Palooza. We arrived around 3:45 PM so we had some time before the 5:05 PM set. We know that Minnie is moving back to the big hat and changing outfits very soon, so we decided to stop by and say hi!

When we finished meeting Minnie, a cast member who I had been talking to earlier gave us fast passes to the ride of our choice so we chose Rockin' Roller Coaster (should have chosen Toy Story!!) so after that it is time to head over to wait on Streets of America. While we were waiting we happily bumped into our friend Lori, who we met at Villains Unleashed on August 23rd. We talk a little and we were waiting by the LMASS, but we realize it's already 5:08 PM and we don't yet see characters. strange. Then one of our friends looks up the street and sees mobs and Mr. Penguin so of course that means ... RUN!!!! Today, ehe characters walked out from the top of the Streets of America, which is a change from the last time we were there when they came from the gate between the food truck and the Lights, Motors, Action! Extreme Stunt Show. We get there and we didn't get to meet every character, but we did meet quite a number of them. The ones we did not, and therefore are not pictured below are: Aladdin, Jasmine, Mulan, Green Army Man, and Stitch. Here are the characters we met:

We decided to then head over to Epcot to check out Food and Wine. As we were leaving, the characters from the Frozen dance party were going in and the handlers for Mickey and Pluto were happy to let them pause to take photos with us, however Goofy's handler was so rude that she actually threw her body in front of the camera so we couldn't get picture. Amusingly, Goofy disagreed with his handler, and, as you can see from the picture below, he was happy to pose:
(picture removed because we don't like this site crashing but he was posing)
On to Epcot where we rode some rides and ate at amazing food at Food and Wine. Yum! We especially enjoyed the lamb chops from Australia. From there, we headed to the character spot where there was only about a 20 minute wait at 7 PM. Here are those photos:

Then it was time to go to the hotel for some rest.
The next morning, we got up early to go finish all of Epcot. Only the usual cast of characters were around, but we did get some fun poses:

Next, we headed to Animal Kingdom for the Dinoland Dance party. We arrived early, so we meet some characters on the way to Dinoland:

Then it was time for the Dinoland dance party, which started precisely at 3:30 PM:

We wanted to stay for the second dance party at 5:00 PM so we rode some rides and meet Goofy and Pluto:

At exactly 5:00 PM, the second dance party began:

Then we went to Disney Quest, which is always a lot of fun, and ate an early dinner in Downtown Disney. We headed to the hotel by 10:00 PM to get plenty of sleep and get ready for our long day tomorrow!
We arrived at Magic Kingdom around 9:00 AM, and joined the line for Minnie on Main Street. However, we spotted DOPEY walk by so we ran over as he joined Snow White. I was hoping this would happen and we were so excited about seeing Dopey that we forgot to get a picture of him with Snow White!

Next, we headed over to see if Mr. Penguin is out. He is but he was heading in for a break so we waited approximately 20 minutes for him to rejoin Mary Poppins for photos. While we met with Mary Poppins, we just took a picture of Mr. Penguin alone:

Then it was on to some rides until Chip and Dale were going to be appearing, but as we were in line for Chip and Dale it started to rain so the cast members have us play a game of follow the characters to their rain location...

Next, we wanted to see the MISICISP before it changed. However, we noticed that they have already removed two of the boxes, moved Genie, removed Sebastian, and Donald did not appear. Plus, and this is a BIG plus, the parade did not stop!

Next, we joined the line to meet the White Rabbit, but the cast member then came out and said, "DUE TO LIGHTNING IN THE AREA, WHITE RABBIT IS WITH HIS LAST FAMILY" but we were able to catch him on the way inside
It was about time for our talking Mickey fastpass, so we made our way to the front of the park...

Then RAIN, RAIN, RAIN, so we sat on rocking chairs outside the Town Square Theater under cover (and enjoying the air conditioning coming out of building). At first they announced that the 3:00 PM parade was delayed and then about 20 minutes later they announced it was canceled BUT stay where you are because the Rainy Day Cavalcade was coming. It was a nice little parade for the rain but there could have much more plus Goofy didn't have his hat...

Then the cast members walking behind the cavalcade insisted that everyone follow them. We did and so I thought maybe they will come out and do a meet & greet, but no... the characters just went in and a group of cast members stood there weirdly for ten minuets clapping to the music. Very odd.
Then we meet Goofy and Donald in Fantasyland before getting on line for the Dwarfs.
Then it was MNSSHP time! The Dwarfs came out 5 minuets late, probably due to Disney deciding to move them to their rain location. The cast members came to the line, which was VERY long by 7 PM (the first person got on line at 5:00 PM as it was a sold-out evening), and they moved the line in order over to the cramped rain location (also, the location had the characters under cover but the line was in the rain). Here is their first picture of the night!

Next we caught up with George Sanderson in the Monstrous Scream-O-Ween Ball's rain location
Then we met Lotso, who, along with Buzz Lightyear, was also moved for the rain (under cover outside the Carousel of Progress):

Then we had a little time before we had to get on line for the Queen of Hearts, who was NOT in a rain location, so we stopped by to meet Boo (who was guarded like the crown jewels so no one would touch her) and Sully at the Monstrous Scream-O-Ween Ball's:

Then it was time for the Queen of Hearts. Everyone in line, which was quite long, waited patiently in the drizzle and when the Queen appeared, a family saw her and just walked right up and meet her without waiting. The cast member did absolutely nothing to redirect them, but then we got to meet her:

Then we went one last time to the Monstrous Scream-O-Ween Ball's to meet Needlesman. He's awesome.
Next, we met Jasmine and Genie:

Next, was Terk:

And what would a MNSSHP be without meeting Jafar:

Then we headed to Club Villain to see Dr. Facilier, the Snow Witch a/k/a Old Hag, and Governor Radcliffe
Then we headed to Mickey back in Town Square Theater to check out his Halloween costume:

Next, we met Minnie and Daisy

Also, Goofy and Donald

Next, while our friends waited on line for the Pooh friends, we ran over to meet Abu and Aladdin:

Then we rejoin the 11:15 PM line for the Pooh friends and as the characters are walking out it starts to torrentially pour. Piglet didn't make it out to the covering and they said they were going to bring Tiger, Pooh and Eyeoye back inside but they as they were waiting for the signal, we got a quick picture:

Then we sat down and finally ate dinner at 11:45 PM when we realize "oh no! we left the camera on the hunny pots in the Pooh Friends area" - all of the pictures are on the camera! We made our way to guest services and, luckily, someone had turned in the camera so we were able to give you this trip report! See you all for my next report!
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9/28/2014 3:19 PM
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So glad your camera was handed in!

Super trip report. You met so many characters!!! 😃😃

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9/28/2014 6:35 PM
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What a great trip!! Very cool!
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9/29/2014 5:53 AM
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That sounds awesome!
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9/29/2014 1:01 PM
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It was a great trip full of rare characters.
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