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2/18/2015 2:01 PM
Mickey Mouse

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If you're like me you love the disney villains! Today for me is a snow day so what better way to spend a snow day then with the villains? So heres a list of what i think is the best way to see the baddies from Parades,Shows,Special events

Parades are a time for visitors to relax and cool down when visiting the park...
That is till the villains show up! Here are my top picks for best parades

  • 1. Tokyo Disneyland "Let's Go Villains!" And "Re Villains"
What can't i say about those two parades? In the year of 2008 and the following year 2009 Tokyo disneyland introduced fans to its hit new parade "Lets Go Villains" With its upbeat soundtrack to colorful costumes. What's unique about this parade is each parade float and dancers outfit is themed to 6 disney villains ( later 8 once Queen of hearts and Ursula were added) During the parade stop the villains would "crash" the fab 5's party and take over the parade in a fun little battle for those who would rule halloween. In 2009 the parade made its comeback with a few upgrades. No longer was Maleficent the lead of the parade Ursula made her tokyo disneyland debut also Queen of hearts got a float. Blow are the videos for the parade starting with Lets go villains and then ending with Re Villains. ( Lets Go Villains) ( Re Villains)

  • 2. Disneyland Paris "Villains Parade"
The oldest parade on the list i believe this parade started around 2003? This parade has many of the older villains from Frollo to stromboli. The parade itself changed many times from pumpkin men to pink witches to float changes and random roaming characters. Most of the floats used in this parade were from parades from past years (we all know how paris likes to reused floats...) But a true fan can really appreciate this parade due to the act of all of the rare characters in this parade.

  • 3. Walt Disney World "It's Good To Be Bad Pre Parade"
This was a rare limited run parade that was epic! This parade has villains dancing and just having a good old time. The soundtrack is an updated version of the "Boo To You Parade" "It's good to be bad" This version is a more club/techno that brings a new twist to the beloved song.

Honorable Mentions
Not every parade puts the villains on spotlight so here are some parades that fall under that category

  • 1. Tokyo Disneyland "Banzai Villains!"
The reason i put it in honorable mentions is because it was the same parade for its two year run (2008 and 2009) And to add to the fact it was just the same parade you saw in the daytime just backwards (villains starting the parade fab 5 crashing the party) But with a different soundtrack. But its still a great parade ( 2008 version ) ( 2009 version)

  • 2. Walt Disney World "Boo To You"
This parade is mainly themed to halloween itself other than the villains itself but it still has villains in it. The villains unit used to be more than two floats. Back in the early days of the Boo To You parade the villains would rock out to Its Good To Be Bad in their own band what is now Bad Bones Band ( m not sure what the name of those guys are?)

In the next post we will be taking a look at Stage shows! And just a reminder I DON'T OWN ANY OF THE VIDEOS THEY ARE JUST VIDEOS FOUND ON THE WEB. If one of just videos were posted it all credit goes to you

~Its Good To Be Bad~
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