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2/21/2017 11:23 AM
Mickey Mouse

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I truly am beyond devastated right now I went to log into my account and all of a sudden the whole account had been reset. I no longer have any of my tsum tsums. I am no longer on level 29 or 30. I have none of my points, none of my Rubys nothing!! everything is gone!!!!
I am sure when I signed up in the very beginning I had made a line account then linked them together and when I went to go check and log in to see if things were saved it said it couldn't find my email . It couldn't find my email that I had logged in with not even my Facebook account . I just can't for leave this !! everything even my account on the line is gone!!

What in the world happened how do I get my account back?? all of my levels. All of my points. All of my Rubys. All of my tsum tsums?? I want them all back😩😭😵
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