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6/28/2012 6:15 AM

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Yesterday Vinylmation Kingdom posted that apparently the City Exclusive Vinyls are going to go global and not be, well, exclusive anymore. They showed a picture of a posted from the Hawaii store, which details the imminent release of 6 Vinyls at the Disney Store US.
Well, today, I bout the first one at a UK Store, 3 days before the given US release date!!

Check out the picture here on our Facebook page!

It is kinda sad and annoying that they are losing their exclusivity, especially since so many fans pride themselves in being able to get these "rare gems"... Not to mention they have now lost any trading power they had with them.

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6/29/2012 3:36 AM

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I think it's a shame that the element of 'you can only get these here' is being taken away, there's always something exciting about getting your hands on an item that's not available any where else (supposedly, I'm not counting Ebay, lol!) However, I suppose that at the end of the day it's all about Disney making money money money, and if they can sell a whole bunch of different Vinylmation figures to people who collect them who live all over the place, then they're going to like that a whole lot better than just seeing a lesser number being sold locally and then sold on / traded by 'locals' on Ebay. Or something like that.

Disney's never terribly slow at spotting gaps in the market so if people are demanding these things or they're selling like hotcakes on non Disney trade sites then they will probably consider acting on it and widening distribution levels ... Just my guess anyway. Nevertheless though you're right, it is sad that the 'my part of the world' element is disappearing.
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