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11/1/2015 2:43 PM
Sorcerer Lito
Mickey Mouse
Sorcerer Lito

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Happy Halloween everyone!
I visited several WDW resorts this Halloween to see all of the different characters in their best Halloween costumes. American parks are known to have some of the worst VIP character costumes anywhere, but I sort of liked these costumes. In total, I visited 11 different meets, and waited minimally at each.

Our first stop was the All-Star Movies resort, where we saw Director Mickey. We were among the first to meet him, but his line was quite long after we left. He was rotating with Minnie in a white formal gown. We'd seen her in this costume for Hollywood Studios's 25th anniversary, so we opted out of meeting her.

After, we headed to All-Star Music. We saw standard Goofy meeting, and were notified that Donald would be replacing him in his standard Epcot costume. (What a waste.) Here's some older pics of those guys in those costumes:


With that disappointment, we headed to All-Star Movies, where we saw Pluto (in a blue baseball cap) and Football Goofy. Their line was practically non-existent; we were the first to meet each of them in both sets.

We pondered the idea of Panchito being at Coronado instead of All-Star Music (being that he has a store named after him there). Unfortunately, it was just Pluto in a serape (which we'd never seen before) and Donald (same Donald as above).

Next, we headed to Animal Kingdom Lodge. At Kidani, Rafiki was rotating with Timon (whom I'd only danced next to), while Goofy was hanging around the Hakuna Matata playground at Jambo House.

Next, we headed to Boardwalk, where Scarecrow Mickey was rotating with Davy Crockett Donald. We opted out of this one, because their line was long, and we did not want to see Mickey as we had already seen him in this costume some 10 years ago.

Our mission at this point was to see the two Jesters at Port Orleans, so we headed that way. Just before, we stopped at Art of Animation and saw Goofy dancing in his Beach Club outfit. Strange enough, the attendant was taking photos of people with Goofy while he was dancing.

Then, we headed to Port Orleans French Quarter. We were told that the Jesters would be here, but Tiana and Louis were here. Tiana just left before we showed up, but we were just as happy to see Louis out and about at WDW.

Still destined to see the Jesters, we headed to Port Orleans Riverside. It didn't make sense that they were here, as jesters are more of a Mardi Gras thing rather than a bayou thing. Nevertheless, this meet was the highlight of my night, since my mom's side of the family is from New Orleans.

There were tons of other characters that I would have loved to see (Elvis Stitch and the pirate costumes especially) but I loved the ones that I did. Including standard Goofy at All-Star Movies, we saw Goofy five different times throughout the evening, and Mickey and Pluto twice. It was nice to see Timon and Louis, as they were the only rare characters out this evening. Next year, we hope to see some Donald costumes and some pirates! If you'd like to see more character fun, you can hit me up on Instagram @Sorcerer_Lito, or check out:
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11/1/2015 4:04 PM

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Thanks so much for your report! You got lots of great characters and photos!

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11/2/2015 3:20 PM

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So a fair amount of difference from last year - thanks for sharing

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