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2/12/2016 4:28 AM
Minnie Mouse

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Hello, I had a chance to visit TDR last month for two days and I thought it's about time to write a report here.

After I came back from a WDW trip in Christmas 2015, which was my first Disney park visit, I was so excited about meeting the characters so I decided to focus mostly on greetings with my favorite characters(hence the title) on my soon to come visit to TDR.
Before the trip, the trip planner here was really useful getting the basic knowledge of things(the one photo thing was really surprising!), and some of the japanese sites had some guides to greetings, so those were helpful too.
It was a 4 day trip to Tokyo, but I had plans to visit the local mascots around Tokyo for the first 2 days, so I only had 1 day each at land and sea.

Day 1: Sea of characters

It was a Sunday, which meant the park opens at 8am so I arrived at the gate at approximately 7:35. It was packed with people as expected on a Sunday, but it was truly a sight to see it directly myself.

Although it was a character centered trip, I wanted to ride Tower of Terror which I headed straight away after opening.
Many guests thought the same, so American Waterfront was packed with fast-walking guests.

Toy Story Mania's line was ridiculously long as expected, so I just safely got my fastpass for Tower of Terror and took a breather.

Took a peek at the staff entrance, but no greetings yet so I headed toward Cape Cod.

Duffy, of course is really popular in TDS and most guests have at least one Duffy/ShellieMay/Gelatoni related product with them.

The tins for cookies and the like were so cute I was tempted to buy something, so I bought a little chocolate tin with Duffy and Gelatoni on it.
Milk chocolate was surprisingly tasteless maybe because it was still 8something am and my tongue hasn't woken up, but the melon flavored white chocolate was pretty good.

It was still 8:35 so I didn't expect any greetings yet, but surprise, the greetings already started!
Sailor suit Pluto and the bunnies were at the Cape Cod area and I hurried to start my first greeting in TDR.

Thumper finally took my hand and I was able to take some close up photos before getting his autograph.
His 'thumps' were really cute!

After greeting with Thumper, Miss Bunny was next in line and soon got her autograph as well

After realizing the greetings started already, I hurried back to American Waterfront to see if Bianca and Bernard were out too since they were on top of my 'greeting list' for DisneySea.

After hurrying back, they weren't out yet but I did get to see ShellieMay doing her greetings in a spot at Waterfront Park.

The line was really long and I think it was already cut off for this shift.

After some scenery I head back to Waterfront Park again and this time, the rescuers were there!
I was overjoyed and just stood there for a moment realizing the fact that I was actually meeting Bianca and Bernard.

When she was signing in my autograph book, I told her I came from Korea to meet her and Bernard, and she seemed really happy and gave me a smooch on the cheekBig Grin

After meeting with Bianca, Bernard was close by and waited for him to notice me.

Just like with Bianca, I told Bernard I came from another country to meet him and when I was trying to take his picture, he brought Bianca next to him and I was able to take one of my favorite pictures during the whole trip.

After the happy couple photo, I hung around Bianca and Bernard until the greeting was over. It was so fun seeing Bernard and Bianca interact with each other and Bernard looked so cute when he was looking at Bianca and twiddling his thumbs, shyly looking at her behind a street lamp, etc.

'There she is!'


It felt pretty sad to see them go back in to the staff entrance after the greeting was over, and I didn't get to see the two mice again for the rest of the day.

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2/12/2016 7:28 AM

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Bernard and Bianca are so adorable! Thanks for sharing!!

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2/12/2016 11:30 AM
Minnie Mouse

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Oh, I guess I should write more when I have time.

So I got to meet and greet my favorite characters and it was only 9:30 after all that.
The first 'Come Join Your friends' of the day was scheduled to start at 9:40 so I decided to head to Mediterranean Harbor and check it out.
'Come Join Your Friends' is a limited-time new show which started in January 12th and runs until April 10th.
This is the first time Gelatoni is making an appearance and I was pretty excited to see Gelatoni up close after seeing the photos beforehand.
While I don't have any photos since I was in a faraway spot and my phone doesn't take pictures well from far away, everyone was super cute as always and I really hoped Gelatoni would start greeting people regularly once 'Come Join Your Friends' is over in April.

After the show, I still had some time before my fastpass for Tower of Terror.
So with a bit more time to spare, I took a look around the shops around Mediterranean Harbor but was surprised and sad to see the lack of Marie merchandise.
I only saw about three kinds of it, and they weren't too appealing.

However it seems Disney Store in Japan recently released a new brand of merchandise called 'Kiss me! Cat' which is of course, about the cat characters.
The three cats from 'The Aristocats' and Figaro from 'Pinocchio' seems to be the main focus, so I guess I can stop my worry over the lack of Marie things I've seen.

There was a little photo spot by the Gondolas and it had a little painting with Duffy and Gelatoni. There was a little sign next to it saying something about 'Take a picture in this photo spot with your Duffy/ShellieMay/Gelatoni plushes here!'
And indeed there were always a guest or two waiting in line to take a picture here. There was also a little map showing where the other photo spots like this were, but I don't remember where exactly they were.

I headed back out and I managed to see Clarice taking a nice walk from Waterfront Park down towards Med Harbor. I WAS planning on getting her autograph, but when she was near the shop windows, she would call a nearby male guest and point at the merchandises and not hesitating to bring another guest when he said he couldn't buy all of them.Big Grin
It was a fun little interaction with the guests of course, but I got so nervous worrying she would bring me out next that I had to just settle with pictures, hahaha...

Oh, Tower of Terror came before seeing Clarice.

This seemed to be one of the most recommended rides in DisneySea, but I hadn't had a chance to ride the one in WDW so I had no idea what it was going to be like.
And it was really exciting! I was yelling the whole time like the other guests since I was not expecting anything like this. I would have ridden it again if I had the chance, and I would love to ride this the first thing in the morning if I ever get the chance to go to TDS again.

After the ride, I took a leisurely stroll towards 20000 Leagues and I managed to bump in to Jiminy Cricket. I knew Tokyo Disney was filled with character greetings, but already seeing so many before noon was a pleasant surprise.

Jiminy seemed to take an interest in my penguin hat while greeting, and I was glad it brought some attention from the characters along with Thumper.

Gideon and Honest John were also close by so I got their autographs as well, but Honest John's autograph was... very messy.
I could only make out 'foul fellow' before, but I guess it says 'Worthington Foul Fellow'

It was about 50 minutes before the second 'Come Join Your Friends' show and the sitting seats were already full.
They are really diligent on these kinds of things!

After taking a stroll through Mysterious Island and Lost River Delta, I arrived at Port Discovery and I really did not expect to see Mr. Incredible here but there he was, greeting people, with Mrs. Incredible chasing down a child close by. I already decided that Tokyo Disney was a character heaven at this point and I didn't even see Tokyo Disneyland at this point!

I was back at Waterfront Park and the line for ShellieMay seemed short, so I decided to have a go at it but the staff told me this line is the end for this shift and I had to come back later or wait from now, or something along those lines. I didn't understand when the next shift was, so I said 'Yes I'll wait' and got a greeting ticket.
It was 11:30 at the time and I realized that what the staff told me before was something about the next shift starting at 1pm.
So with only a couple(maybe married?) in front of me, I had to wait 90 minutes in the getting increasingy colder weather. But about 30 minutes before the greeting started again, the line seemed to be getting pretty long, so the line was worth the wait. Sort of,
Finally, ShellieMay came back out again and I was standing right next to where she was walking, so I was able to take a lucky photo before my greeting.

Unfortunately, ShellieMay(and Duffy) doesn't do autographs currently.
But a nice high five and a soft hug was enough to justify the 90 minute wait time.

I headed toward the entrance to see if there were any greetings going on. I did see Marie but she was heading back in, so I only managed to get a single shot.
The first character I saw in my first Disney Park trip was Marie in WDW last Christmas and is the reason I got into character greetings so much, so I wanted to see her again in TDR.

It was about 2pm at this time, and the 3rd and last 'Come Join Your Friends' show for the day was at 2:40 so I actually waited in a spot this time.
Not the best spot, but it was in a route where some of the characters came out including Gelatoni so I was hoping to get a closer look and maybe a short video this time.

After the munks,

Gelatoni appears! It was a screenshot from my short video I managed to take, so it's not the best shot but I was glad I managed to get something out of it.

Along with other people in line besides me, I left after seeing Gelatoni since I already saw the show in the morning and headed toward Cape Cod area again.
It was a back and forth between Cape Cod-American Waterfront-Main Entrance for a little bit to see if I could see any more greetings.
Like I said in the last post, no Bernard and Bianca after the encounter in the morning, but the bunnies were out again in Cape Cod area.

There were certainly more guests around this time since it wasn't just 30 minutes after opening this time.

Back in American Waterfront, Daisy was immensely popular surrounded by at least 20 people so I couldn't even get close.
I forgot to mention, but Donald was around Waterfront Park from time to time when Bianca and Bernard weren't around, and I remember seeing Scrooge too, but I can't remember when I saw him.

In the Main Entrance area, Marie wasn't out this time(or so it seems by the looks in my album), but Goofy was out in an outfit I didn't recognize.
Maybe it's the standard DisneySea look?

Again, back and forth between American Waterfront-Main Entrance.
This time, I saw Cruella De Vil laughing heartily after looking at a child's Duffy outfit. She must have been really satisfied with the fur on it!
Getting an autograph would have been a good idea, but I was a bit to skittish to get close.

After several back-and-forth walks from American Waterfront and the Main Entrance, I finally spot Marie again! And in a greeting session this time.

My turn came, and since I already had Marie's autograph from WDW, I had one of the photos of me and Marie from WDW developed so she could sign it there. After a slightly shaky but successful sign, a lovely pose!

Is it just my imagination, or does Marie in TDR look like she has puffier cheeks than Marie in WDW...?
She appears in Electrical Parade over in TDL and her puffy cheeks create a little shadow below her eyes, making her somewhat... spookier than usual and those pictures came up time to time in Twitter when I was searching for Japanses photos of Marie, so that's why I thought of that.

Anyway, after the greeting with Marie and seeing her go back in, the sun was starting to set already so I thought the outside character greetings were done for the day and it was just leisurely strolls around the park, albeit the increasingly colder weather freezing my hands and head.

And just when I thought the greetings were over, the munks and Goofy were at Port Discovery with their wacky outfits!
I did manage to take some photos, but I wasn't that interested in actually greeting them since I already met them once in WDW and I was concentrating more on my favorite characters that are hard to meet elsewhere.
Oh yeah, Max Goof was close by too, but I didn't get a chance to take a photo.

I went to Arabian Coast for the first time during this day, and stumbled upon Abu's Bazaar, which I completely forgot about.
The plushes you can win from games in Abu's bazaar change seasonally and luckily they had Chip and Dale while I was there. The game seemed pretty straightforward, and luckily I did win and with a happy high five with the staff, I managed to get a 45cm(approx. 17.7") Dale plush which is currently sitting happily besides my bed, along with my other prizes and buys from the trip.

Seeing I only ate some odd chocolates and a hot dog since morning, I finally took a break and had a chicken leg somewhere in Lost River Delta.
It was surprisingly good! It wasn't too salty, the meat was really tender and soft, and I managed to finish it in a heartbeat.

Indiana Jones was closed for Maintenance and while I did want to ride Raging Spirits, I already had my fastpass set for Center of the Earth at 8:30 after the ShellieMay greeting, and the waiting time was still about 60 minutes, so I had to give up on it. Maybe next time, if I get a chance to go back to Tokyo again.

I really had nothing to do since the outside greetings were all over at this point since it was getting dark, so I finally headed toward the Duffy greeting place. The waiting time was 50 minutes at around 5:40, but it was waitable considering the wait times can go up to 2 hours at peak.
Except it was freezing at this time and my backup battery's cable was really wonky so I had to hold the cable to try to charge my phone with hands shivering.
This 50 minutes felt longer than the 90 minute wait for ShellieMay since it was so cold, but my turn finally came and got the one photo with my phone.
As with ShellieMay, a nice high five and a soft hug made the waiting time worth it.

I did get a Gelatoni pouch sometime in the afternoon and wore it for the rest of my TDR trip. I wish I had more chances to wear it! It's really cute.

So my last greeting of the day was over, and I really had nothing to do until the firework show 'Happiness on High' at 8:30 and Center of the Earth fastpass.
It was freezing so I hurried over to the shopping area in Med harbor, but I had to take some photos in the beatiful looking Toy Village area.

There were still a lot of people around Toy Story Mania, which really showed how popular this attraction was.
And sorry Woody, for making you look like you're taking an eye exam.Big Grin

The big Gelatoni plushes were really well made and super cute, but it was a shame not being able to buy it.

Buy a cute box and you get cookies along with it!

This seemed to be the case with most of the confectionaries around here. The box with Gelatoni was really tempting too...

Ah, the 25920 yen giant Donald plush. It's abou 220 dollars, and I wonder how many people actually bought this...

With a moment of warmness inside the shops, I came back outside with a box of chocolate covered rusks in hand to watch 'Happiness on High'.
While it wasn't the fanciest set of fireworks, it was the perfect thing to wrap up my day in DisneySea and brought up memories from morning, afternoon and stirred up emotions inside me.

The last thing left was Center of the Earth, and to my surprise, the staff were blocking the entrance for some reason. Apparantly, there was a problem somewhere and they had to close it down. I thought about leaving, but I waited and luckily the problem was solved about 15 minutes later and I was able to ride it right after.
The only thing I remember was the short moment when you get to look outside the Prometheus Volcano and drop. It was certainly an exciting ride.

As I was leaving, I remembered the Planisphere was covered for some reason. Maybe because of maintenance during the coldest days of winter so the water doesn't freeze?
It was covered with a little map with Mickey and friends on it, so I guess it was sort of a rare sighting.

So this is it for my first day in TDS and I'll upload the photos from the second day in TDL when I get a chance.

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2/12/2016 12:58 PM

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I really need to go to Tokyo Big Grin great report

Heya, I'm Mitchell!

Next Trip: Halloween at DLP

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2/14/2016 2:28 AM
Minnie Mouse

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Day 2: Land ho!

It was a Monday with the park opening on 9, so I had a bit more time to spare than the day before and did manage to arrive at the gates 30~40 minutes before opening.
There was no point in taking the monorail when I only had to walk about 5 minutes to TDL, and took the path passing by Bon Voyage.
Again, the gates were already packed with guests already and about 20 minutes after getting in line, there were more people behind me than in front of me.
In a Monday too! And I thought this date was supposed to be the one of the more 'less packed' days for TDR.

Anyway, on my left were the guests staying in Disney hotels, able to go in the park 15 minutes before the regular guests and even thought it might not seem like much those 15 minutes felt like a whole lot of time when I was waiting for 9am to come.
Before the Disney hotel guests went in, I was close enough up front to take a peek at the characters in the park doing their things and greeting guest outside before heading to their usual spots. I definitely remember seeing Mickey, Marie and the three pigs, but I can't remember the others.

After opening, the guests rushed in presumeabley to their first fastpass destination. The only ride that I really wanted to try in TDL was Pooh's Hunny Hunt, so Fantasyland was my first destination.

I had already experienced the crazy amount of lines getting into WDW at morning time in Christmas just a month ago, but going into TDR at opening time with many staff members standing to keep the guests in check, some holding signs with 'Please do not run' was quite a sight to see.

I found out that guests running right after opening was becoming a problem some months back, and TDR tried certain ways to stop people from rushing to their destination right after opening, such as staff members blocking a route where the paths split into other parts of the park and slowly releasing it to refrain people from running too much. It didn't get much positive feedbacks apparently, and I guess the staff members standing from spot to spot with signs was the final solution. I only saw a couple of people running then stopping, so I guess it was successful!

After coming out from World Bazaar, I found out there was a character greeting already(7 minutes after opening!) and it was Robin Hood!
I really enjoyed Robin Hood when I was a kid and I was glad to get his autograph and take a picture of him. So it was first character greeting of the day successful so early in the day!

Gah, my phone didn't take the sun to well...:p
I heard the Queen of Hearts restaurant was quite popular, and while I didn't get the chance to dine, I did get a peek inside and it had quite the decorations!
I would love to dine there if I get a chance someday.

Unfortunately, Splash Mountain was under maintenance during my trip(it should be over by now though) so Critter Country was really quiet compared to the other areas. I didn't expect to see anything since the place was so empty, but to my surprise Brer Bear was actually out for greeting in front of Critter Country.
I've only seen him in the decorations in Splash Mountain, and only heard that he was quite hard to find. So this unexpected meet was certainly a positive surprise.
This day was already starting to get wonderful!

Brer Bear seemed to have sat on the pointy thorns by accident Big Grin

White Rabbit was one of the characters I wanted to meet, but maybe he wasn't out for the day or I wasn't lucky enough, so I wasn't able to see him while frequently walking from Alice's Tea Party to World Bazaar.

While walking around Toontown, Chip and Dale were around greeting guests in their Toontown outfits. Daisy was out too in front of the Town Hall? building.
It was fun to see the different outfits when the characters are in different areas. It's more difficult to see them in their regular clothing!Big Grin

After looking through Toontown, it was a very often back-and-forth trip between the entrance area and nearby areas because I really wanted to meet Suzy and Perla the most. The first trip turned out to be fruitless, but many other characters were out greeting such as Eeyore, Tigger and Donald. I hadn't met Eeyore before so a greeting was in place. He seemed really shy as he usually was, and even jumped slightly in surprise when I asked him for his autograph.
Tigger, whom kids seem to like more, was busier than Eeyore, and Donald was always surrounded with his fans.

I couldn't stray too far away from the entrance, for the fear of missing Suzy and Perla's greeting, so I took a slightly closer look at the shops in World Bazaar.
Also, 'Frozen Fantasy Parade' was scheduled to start at 10:15 so I decided to check it out.

Honestly, I'm not a big Frozen fan, never having watched the movie myself, so the only picture I took was the birds in the parade. They were cute though!

It was over 11 at this point and I hadn't eaten anything at all so I quickly walked to Fantasyland and got a slice of seafood pizza with a drink.
Anything should've tasted good since I was so hungry, and the pizza was really nice! I'd definitely eat it again if I ever get a chance.
About the measly meals I had in my stay, my trips to Japan have never been 'food-centered' and this one too wasn't 'food-centered' as well. I usually focus on the things I want to see the most, and the need for food drops severly when I'm focusing on walking to my destination and meeting my favorite characters.
If I had a friend traveling with me during this trip, they would've been very hungry and tired!Big Grin

After a much needed meal break, I again headed toward the entrance in hopes of finding Suzy and Perla but second time was no good as well.

This was 40 minutes before 'Happiness is Here' parade, and many people were already sitting and waiting. Such diligence! I assume they were sitting in spots where floats with their favorite characters would stop for a moment right in front of them. I knew Marie, Berlioz and Toulouse would appear in Happiness is Here, so I had to watch it but didn't have the spare time to wait in a spot and headed (again) towards the entrance area.

Third time wasn't the charm and frankly, I was starting to get worried if Suzy and Perla weren't going to come out to greet at all that day. I did see the Sheriff, Gideon and the bunnies, but my head was just filled with worries and even thought about asking the character staff if Suzy and Perla were going to come out at all today.

Still, Thumper and Miss Bunny were super cute. I should have asked for a pose, but my mind was too occupied at the moment to think of anything else.

I couldn't walk far away from the entrance area so I went to a shop in the left area of World Bazaar and had a chocolate and banana crepe after to calm down a bit.
In the shop, I found a really cute looking set of plush badges. Miss Bunny, Marie(yay!) and Clarice are all wearing what I assume to be Hinamatsuri clothings, and this is the kind of thing I wanted to buy. However, I decided to hold off from buying for now and buy it later in the day since there were plenty left and I wanted to leave space in my tote bag. Although I had some trouble finding it again at dinner time, I did manage to buy it before I left. It was 2200 yen and I thought it was a typical price for a plush badge set.

Meanwhile, a lone sparrow decided to join my snacktime.

Third time wasn't the charm, but maybe the fourth time was and as I headed out the World Bazaar into the entrance, I found the TDL Band playing and I thought 'There must be a greeting now!'. What do you know, fourth time was the charm and at 1:30 I finally see Suzy and Perla!
I was overjoyed and so glad to finally see them in person that I couldn't do anything but take pictures of them dancing to the Band's music for a little bit.

The mice started greeting guests separately and I quickly headed to Suzy first. The customary autograph ask, and as with Bernard and Bianca previously, I told Suzy that I came from a foreign country to meet her. To my surprise, she pointed her hand to the sky and made circles. I assumed it probably meant 'which country?' so I told 'From Korea' and she was clapping and hopping slightly with joy. I think understanding her at that moment made me happier than any other moment when my basic Japanese allowed me to understand what the staff members were saying. The sheer joy of character greetings!

After greeting Suzy, I went to Perla and told her the same things as well. This time, I got a wonderful hug in return and was able to take a photo.

It was truly a magical moment to meet two of my favorite characters and getting a wonderful interaction, but the best has yet to come!
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2/15/2016 10:06 AM
Minnie Mouse

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I could definitely relax now that I've met the mice, and it was time for 'Happiness is Here' parade to start soon.
I only knew it as the 'one with Marie, Berlioz and Toulouse' and the only photo I have is exactly that.
The parade was fun to watch, even if I don't remember most of it.:P Though Toulouse wasn't out for greeting this day for some reason and this was the only time I saw him!

I didn't really feel like riding anything else other than Hunny Hunt and Thunder Mountain, so I just walked around the park for a while taking a photo here and there.

The Splash Mountain under maintenance in all its maintenance glory

Another trip to World Bazaar was made(again), and I spot the Bicycle Piano Man for the second time. He was quite energetic and it was really fun to watch him play the piano in such a style.

I headed to the entrance, and thankfully Suzy and Perla were there again. I wanted to take a photo with them this time, so I waited my turn to come.

When I went to Suzy, to my surprise, she seemed to remember me from before! When I asked her to take a photo with me, she pointed at Perla who was close by, signaling me to take a picture with her too. After asking "a photo together?", she nodded yes, grabbed my hand(I really thought I took a photo of this magical moment, but my phone left no trace of such photo which was such a shame) and we went to Perla together. Suzy called Perla and when we got together for a pose, Perla suddenly shows her hand to me. So I gave her a little smooch on the back of her hand, and turn to see Suzy looking astounded with her hands on her mouth. So I quickly call Suzy and give her a little smooch on her hand too.

After everything, we finally pose for a photo and Perla decided she wanted to hug me suddenly. Maybe because I gave Suzy a smooch on her hand as well...? I'll never know but it was certainly a sudden but funny action. I was laughing and the staff member taking the photo was laughing too. Big Grin

Finally, the photo was taken and as you can see, I was so happy with the interactions with Suzy and Perla, and I don't think I've looked so happy in a photo for quite a long time.Big Grin

Now with the memory of the best character greeting I've ever had, I stayed with Perla and Suzy and took a couple more photos until they went back in.

When I headed toward the staff entrance to see the characters go back, I spot Marie and Berlioz! This was the first time I've actually seen Berlioz up close, but he and Marie were going back to the staff entrance, so I could only take a couple shots.

With nothing else to do, I waited on a bench where the staff entrance was in plain sight, and waited for Marie and Berlioz to come out again. Even though Suzy, Perla, Marie and Berlioz went back, Miss Bunny was still out greeting guests.

After waiting about 15~20 minutes, Marie and Berlioz were coming back out and I was able to follow them to their greeting spot. As expected, I wasn't the only one!

Marie and Berlioz posing for the guests first. I wondered why Toulouse wasn't out with Marie and Berlioz since I've seen photos of him just a few days before my trip. Maybe just a break? Or maybe he was too busy in TDS by the looks of photos in Twitter at the date I was in TDL.
I hope I can see the three together next time I get a chance.


After Berlioz finished posing for guests, I finally had a chance to meet him and get his autograph. I really think his puffy cheeks are one of his best charms. They're so cute! This of course applies for Marie and Toulouse as well.

Marie was a bit busy signing for her fans, and since I already got her autograph the day before in TDS, I only asked for a photo together.

The Dale baby outfit was really cute as well. I've mostly seen Duffy baby outfits in TDS, and princess outfits were a bit common as well.

After saying goodbye to Marie, I saw Dale close by(without any outfits too! It's certainly harder to see them without any special outfits), and only stopped for a couple photos. I know I only concentrated mostly on characters I couldn't see in WDW in this trip and now that I think of it, I should have taken more photos with the munks, Donald, Pluto and Goofy as well. I don't know when next time will be, but next time I'll try.
Mickey, Minnie and Daisy were way too popular to get close on a whim, so that was kind of out of the question.

Suzy and Perla were out greeting again and I had to take more photos of course!
It was only about 3:30, but the sun was really short and long shadows were already forming at the time.

Greeting people on the other side of the garden with a nice wave, but I don't think anyone answered back...

One last shot before saying goodbye for the last time.
I thought this would be the last outside greeting in the entrance for the day, so I didn't return to this area until about 5:05, when the outside greetings were probably over due to how early the sun set that day. Maybe I was wrong, but I didn't want to stay in the entrance area forever.

After my final greeting in World Bazaar, I really had nothing to do until the Electrical Parade Dreamlights which was supposed to start at 6:30. I though all the outside greetings were over at this point, so I did nothing but walk slowly around the park in the increasingly colder weather. I planned on waiting in a pretty good spot for Drea
mlights, and I really couldn't stand the cold anymore so I went to a shop near Western Land where Danny related merchandises were being sold and bought a Dale blanket with a hood on it. I've been eyeing it ever since I saw it first in a shop at TDS, and while I didn't buy it there(partly because it was 4300 or 4700 yen), I couldn't stand the freezing weather anymore and went around with the Dale blanket for the rest of the day. It was absolutely a wonderful buy and I still put it on at home to keep myself warm.

As I head toward down to Adventureland, when I thought roaming character greetings were over, I find Baloo! I was surprised because one, there was a character greeting at this time and two, I didn't even know I could meet Baloo in TDL. With my new Dale blanket, I quickly head toward him and get his autograph.

The roaming greetings were really over and all I could do is leisurely walk around the park and occasionally take shelter in a shop somewhere from the cold weather.

about 30~40 minutes before Dreamlights started, I managed to get a pretty good spot in a bench only about 5 feet the parade security line and was able to wait in relative comfort. The Dale blanket was a big help as well!
In 6:30, it finally started and it was truly a magnificent parade. My phone doesn't take night photos very well, and this is a must-see-in-person kind of parade. It was different in some ways from the Electrical Parade in WDW, one of them being 'Characters are only on floats' where in WDW, you can see Suzy, Perla, White Rabbit and etc. walking in the parade. The music turns from Baroque Hoedown to It's a Small World at one point for some reason too. I hope I'm not remembering wrong things.
One other nice thing for me was that Marie is at the very back of the parade, only in front of the little float with the sposor's name, so I could follow the end of the parade slowly and look at Marie for the rest of the parade.

One thing about Marie in Dreamlights is that Marie can look a bit... scarier than usual since her puffy cheeks create a shadow right below her eyes, giving her somewhat scary looking eyes. A search in the Twitter with Japanese shows quite a few photos of Marie in Dreamlights with people teasingly saying 'Marie looks scary!'

Anyway, once the parade was over, there was nothing left for me to do except to take a long look in the shops before leaving.

Ah, Mr. White Rabbit. You'll be in top of my 'To meet and greet' list if I ever get a chance to come back to TDR again.

I had nothing left to do, but it was so hard to take the footsteps to the exit. Before the trip, I was worried sick that I wouldn't be able to meet any of my favorite characters, but I was able to meet so many of them and made so many wonderful and unforgettable memories. It felt so sad that I had to go back outside and head back into the regular world, away from the magic of TDR. I thought I was completely satisfied, right after the trip was over, but as I looked through the photos and videos again and again, I wanted to go back and meet the characters again. Maybe buy a new autograph book and get as many kinds of autographs as possible, take pictures with characters I only passed through in this short trip too, and of course meet Bianca, Bernard, Suzy and Perla again.

This trip was only my second time to a Disney park. First was WDW only about 50 days ago, and I knew nothing about Disney parks and what to expect of them when I first went. After the trip to WDW, I was absolutely in love with character greetings and that's how the theme to this trip to TDR came to be. I still missed a whole lot of things, only able to stay in TDR for 2 days, so I'd love to come back someday and make a whole new set of magical memories.

So this is it for my first trip report and thank you so much for reading!
Maybe I should upload the autographs I've managed to get, in the next post.

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Thank you so much for sharing this report. Your pictures are wonderful! You really have some great memories from this trip! So much fun!

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