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5/28/2016 11:36 AM
Mickey Mouse

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Hey everybody. I'm new to the Disney Tsum Tsum game. I have a couple of issues (hopefully this is in the correct place and somebody can help).

1. When I try to verify my line account, the game freezes/goes black. I can play the game fine it just won't verify my line account. I don't know if this will effect my ability to add friends and other LINE things (if any are available).

2. I have my phone set up to 'Total Silence'. Which, is just that, total silence. Yet, when I play TSUM TSUM it randomly makes noises. Beeps mostly, the amount/length varies though. Sometimes, it's almost the whole game, other times it's only a couple times during the game. Either way, it's annoying.

Phone: Samsung Galaxy S4
OS: MM 6.0.1

Newest version of the game from US Play store (1.21.0, I believe, it just updated today).

Any help or suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks!
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