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6/20/2016 4:00 PM
Peter Pan's Shadow
Peter Pan's Shadow

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Hello everyone,

At the end of May Jon and I spent a week at Walt Disney World. We hadn't been down there since February since we travelled to Australia in the spring instead. You can read my currently-ongoing Australia trip report here on my Two Lost Boys blog.

In this part of my report I will be sharing with you our adventures at the Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, the resort hotels we stayed at and visited, the Boardwalk, and Disney Springs.

Let's start with the Magic Kingdom.   [ Read More... ]
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6/20/2016 5:46 PM

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Loved part one! Looking forward to the Europe trip, especially looking forward to a hopeful cameo from some awesome dude

Heya, I'm Mitchell!

Next Trip: Photopass Day!

Follow my twitter @MitchellDisney for tweets!

Please check out my YouTube channel! including Vlogs from my Disneyland Paris holidays!
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