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1/2/2017 12:34 PM
Mickey Mouse

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Hey everyone,

Just wanted to share what I've seen on parade as of late.

Around the Halloween period when I went, the princesses and princes in carriages were also joined by randomly appearing walking characters too. On one day, Belle and Adam, Jasmine and Aladdin and Merida all walked behind the carriages of Snow, Cindy and Aurora. But the following day, Belle and Adam were in one of the carriages and Cinderella was walking with Charming, Ariel and Eric, Tiana and Naveen and jasmine and Aladdin walked.

It would appear they were testing out having more princesses because as of around the 16th December when I went back, the magic makers (Merlin, Blue Fairy and Fairy G were removed from their float. Some friends reported they were gone for good but on my visit Merlin and Fairy G were walking just behind the 3 fairies and in front of their old book float.
The book float now carries Cinderella at the front, Aurora I'm the Middle, and Snow on the back. They stand alone, no princes which I do think is a shame and although I understand why they're positioned on the float as such (cindy is by the pumpkin etc) I do kinda wish they were still in the order of Snow, Cindy and then Aurora as that's their order of movies.

They appear to have done away with the carriages and now have Belle and Adam, Jasmine and Aladdin, Tiana and Naveen and Ariel and Eric walking behind the book float, which is then followed by the Frozen and Tangled float as usual.

I imagine most of you have noticed this already but I just thought I'd let people know because some of my friends have been so glad to see their favourite princesses on parade when they used to never be there.

Would only be better if snow cindy and aurora had their fellas and that they could all also be joined by Mulan and Shang, Pocahontas and John and then Merida perhaps at the middle back or with her mum? Just my opinion, not that it would ever happen but I think it would be very cute.

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1/7/2017 9:39 AM

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All the changes are in preparation for the brand new parade, which will start in time for the 25th anniversary.

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