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We're back!
DisneyDan  Wednesday, May 29, 2013 5:15:23 AM
Hello everyone!

Jon and I have finally returned from our epic around the world adventures, as part of the Disney Dreamers Everywhere experience!
Hopefully most of you have been following our adventures on Character Central's Twitter, Facebook and Instagram pages the past month. If not, then you have been missing out!
Honestly, we have no idea where to begin with tens of thousands of pictures we have from the trip, and it will take us some time to get back into the swing of things here, since we were away for so long, and we have "real life" to get back to as well!
Fear not though, gradually you'll see some brand new content being added across the site, most notably brand new characters that we met will be added to the character collections, and of course all the brand new parades, shows and events that we experienced will be added to the guide book pages.
For now though it will be a slow process.

While we were away I don't really recall anything big or noteworthy happening in the world of Disney itself. Hopefully I didn't miss any big news or announcements. If I did, then feel free to let me know!

Ok, that's all for the moment. Have a great day everyone.

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