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Brought by the stork into the care of Mrs. Jumbo while the circus was travelling, Jumbo Jr was born into love, but also ridicule by the other circus animals because of his large ears. Cruelly nicknamed Dumbo by the others, Jumbo Jr was put to work in the circus. Jumbo Jr befriends a little mouse named Timothy, who takes it upon himself to look out for the poor little elephant. Giving the elephant a “magic feather” to inspire some confidence in himself, Timothy and Jumbo go back to the circus to show them all what the little elephant can really do. With his feather in his trunk, Jumbo dives from the top platform towards the pie filling below. He loses the feather along the way, but Timothy encourages Jumbo to show the world what he can really do. Filled with determination, Jumbo sweeps down over the vat of filling, and flies around the circus tent much to the surprise of everybody. Gentle by nature, and with great affection for his mother and friend, "Dumbo" showed determination and courage. Now a cherished Disney character, he now lives happily with his mother, Mrs Jumbo, and his friend, guardian and manager, Timothy Q. Mouse.

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Dumbo no longer meets guests, sadly.
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