Walt Disney World

When Walt dreamed, he dreamed big. Disneyland was already a run away success by the late 1950's, and by the 1960's the area around Anaheim began to grow too, leaving Walt with no room to expand his ever growing empire. He set his sights on a second Orange County on the other side of the country, in Florida. Walt's dream for Disney World was beyond everyone's imagination - except his own. He dreamed of a city where people could live, work and play together in one super community. He dreamed of a newer, bigger Magic Kingdom, and his crowing jewel of the World - EPCOT. Sadly Walt died before his dream was realised, and it was left to his brother Roy to make his dreams come true. Roy changed the project name to Walt Disney World in memory of his brother, and finally on October 1st 1971, 16 years after Disneyland first opened, and 5 years after Walt died, the Walt Disney World Resort opened to guests. Today, Walt Disney World has expanded to proportions probably not even dreamt of by Walt, and continues to deliver the magic and smiles to millions of faces across the world. Walt Disney World Resort is where magic truly lives.

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Meeting Disney Characters at Walt Disney World

Due to the current pandemic, regular character greetings are suspended, and you may find other random pop-up experiences throughout the parks instead.
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