Good Times Gathering Spot

Camp Minnie Mickey, Animal Kingdom, Walt Disney World

Through the shade of the trees, enter into the intimate clearing where enchantment awaits. The Good Times Gathering Spot is a place where everyone can come and sit and listen to stories, relax and have fun with their friends. From forest critters, woodland pals and native people, the Good Times Gathering Spot welcomes everyone into it's enclosed setting, and invites you to learn and discover with friends old and new.

Meeting Disney Characters

Characters can always be found at the Good Times Gathering Spot when it is open. In the past these have included (but not guaranteed or limited to) Chip, Dale, Koda, Kenai, Thumper and Miss Bunny. Pocahontas appears randomly and Meeko has been known to join, but is not always there.

The GTGS is also a good place for meeting random and/or rare Disney pals during the off peak seasons when performers are in training (typically late Jan/early Feb, late May/early June, and late Aug/early Sept). These in the past have included Launchpad and Marie, amongst others.

Please note that the GTGS normally only operates during peak seasons such as Summer and Christmas. The random and rare pals are only there occasionally during off peak times.

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Pictures of Good Times Gathering Spot