Pixie Hollow

Fantasyland, Disneyland, Disneyland Resort

Enter the magical world of the Disney Fairies as you get shrunk down to size and visit them in their home in Neverland, Pixie Hollow. Meet all your favourite Fairy friends from Tinker Bell herself, to the Water Fairy, Silvermist, and the Sparrowman Dust Keeper, Terence. The Fairies love to joke and play, and the also love to pose for pictures and sign their names. Pixie Hollow is a unique and special environment, and the only place you will be able to speak with the Fairies, as when you return to the big world, Fairies and humans cannot each other.

Meeting Disney Characters

You will usually find Tinker Bell and on other of her Fairy friends here (more often than not either Terence or Vidia).
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Pictures of Pixie Hollow