Springtime Roundup

Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree, Disneyland, Disneyland Resort

Spring is here and the cutest bunnies in the kingdom have arrived! Hop into colourful springtime fun with Rabbit, White Rabbit, Br'er Rabbit, and even Roger Rabbit, as they greet fans and dance along to the seasonal sounds played by the band. Mickey, Minnie and Pluto are even on hand, dressed in their finest spring wear, to oversee the fun and games. Be sure to bounce on by this spring!

Meeting Disney Characters

The characters meet at set locations at the ranch throughout the day, on a continuous rotational basis. Mr Easter Bunny only appears until Easter itself, and then does not reappear. The other characters continue to appear until the end of the event, which in 2015 is in June.
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Pictures of Springtime Roundup