My Friend Duffy (2014 - present)

Cape Cod Cook-Off, Tokyo DisneySea, Tokyo Disney Resort

Sadly, the characters from My Friend Duffy do not meet their fans after the show.

My friend Duffy is presented in two parts at the Cape Cod Cook-Off Restaurant in American Waterfront. Unlike most character based meals Cape Cod Cook-Off is a counter service restaurant and you can't make reservations to dine there. Normally, you will get in line outside the restaurant and wait to be let inside. Once inside you will order your food and then find a space inside the seating area.

The seating area is open seating (however there is normally a cast member to help guide you to an open seat) with the stage in front. The show is presented continuously with an intermission between the two parts of the show. It is possible you will be seated in the middle of one of the acts; however, you can stay to see it again if needed.

The show is presented in Japanese; however, it is possible to get a general idea of what is going on and what the show is about even if you don't speak any Japanese

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Pictures of My Friend Duffy (2014 - present)