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Daisy Duck is the shopping loving best friend of Minnie Mouse, and the girlfriend of the perpetually harassed Donald Duck. She is assertive, can be blunt and is easily angered just like Donald. She has been a news reporter (for which Donald was her cameraman), has three nieces named April, May and June, and she has a pet iguana named Knuckles. Since making her first appearance in 1940 Daisy has not only won the heart of Donald with her wisecracking comments and temper, but also through her free spirited approach to life and the laughs she gives her friends and fans alike (albeit usually at the expense of poor Donald).

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Meeting Daisy Duck

At Walt Disney World, Daisy Duck can always be met at the Silly Sideshow in the Magic Kingdom. At EPCOT Daisy's location can vary between the main entrance and World Showplace.

In Disneyland, Daisy can be often found on Main Street, or at the character breakfast at Disney's Paradise Pier Hotel.

At Disneyland Paris Daisy can appear regularly depending on the season (such as Halloween), or randomly around the park at other times.

In Tokyo, Daisy is often in Toontown at Tokyo Disneyland, and American Waterfront and Arabian Coast in DisneySea.

In Hong Kong, Daisy is regularly at the Enchanted Garden restaurant (breakfast) in the HKDL Hotel, and on Main Street in the park.

On the Cruise Line, Daisy appears at select times throughout the sailings. Check your Personal Navigator for details.

At Disney Aulani Daisy can be found around the Waikohole Valley intermittently throughout the week.

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