Toon Studio incl. Place de Remy & Toy Story Playland

Walt Disney Studios Park, Disneyland Paris

Ever wondered where Toons make their movies? Ever wondered what it is like to spend a day on set with the stars of your favourite movies? Well now you can at Toon Studio! Discover what is in the movie vault with Donald Duck in Animagique, and learn how the movies are made and Toons are drawn at Art of Disney Animation. From the deserts of Radiator Springs and the streets of Paris, to the skies above Agrabah and the East Australian Current, Toon Studio is the most animated area of the park!

Mickey is normally down at the Toon Studio meet 'n' greet area next to Crush's Coaster, along with any number of other random friends, including Buzz, Goofy or Pluto.
Toon Studio now also incorporates Place de Remy Toy Story Playland. Although both Place de Remy and Playland feel like they should be a separate land area, they listed as being part of Toon Studio.
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Pictures of Toon Studio incl. Place de Remy & Toy Story Playland