The Flying Madmen

Disney's Halloween Soiree, Parc Disneyland, Disneyland Paris

Les Fous Volants (translation: The Flying Madmen) are a steampunk aviator cabaret performance by Company (Cie) Remue-Ménage: a French group who specialise in cabaret, street performances, circus acts and acrobatics based in Paris. Seen across many cities of Europe, they have been known to appear once in a while and on special occasions in Disneyland Paris. Les Fous Volants combine musical performance with acrobatics, whilst lights enhance their steampunk aviator costumes with a modern twists. The mouse people like masks are, just like the uniforms they all wear a touch that bands them all together visually. The band marches whilst the performers play around in their flying machines, they have stilt walkers, a human sized tumbling wheel, a hot air balloon like construction and even a bicycle flying machine. It truly makes the troupe a sight to behold! Their intention? To reach for the adventure in the sky and having as much as fun whilst at it.


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Pictures of The Flying Madmen