The American Adventure (pavilion)

World Showcase, EPCOT, Walt Disney World

Sitting in the middle of the other World Showcase countries, and opposite Spaceship Earth across the lagoon, the American Adventure endeavours to educate people and instill in them a sense of pride and unity. The American Adventure's main show tells a story of development, discovery and victory, whilst trying to get across the message of freedom and peace. Whether you are American or not it doesn't matter; the American Adventure will almost certainly make you proud to be a Citizen of the World.

Meeting Disney Characters

Characters do not meet regularly at the American Adventure; however, on the 4th of July Mickey, Donald, and Goofy are normally out in their patriotic finest. In addition, during certain times of the year (typically late Jan/early Feb, late May/early June, and late Aug/early Sept) characters can be found here randomly. The characters can vary greatly, but in the past have included both common characters (Mickey, Minnie, etc) and rare characters (Country Bears, Br'ers, etc).
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Pictures of The American Adventure (pavilion)