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Max Goof is the son of the ever clumsy but lovable Goofy. Max is an only child and lives alone with his dad. Often embarrassed by his dad, Max despairs at the thought of becoming like his father. Sometimes he finds himself laughing like his dad or sharing the same mannerisms. Max likes to skateboard and the band Powerline, which following a disastrous camping trip somehow manages to get his dad to take him to the concert to impress Roxanne. Max's best friend is P.J, who is the son of the ever villainous Pete. In the Goof Troop series they often find themselves getting into bother. When Max gets older he works as a valet at Mickey's club, the House of Mouse. Ultimately, whether he likes it or not, he knows he is more like his dad than he allows others to see, which ultimately to others makes him all the more lovable, despite his reservations about being a goof.

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Meeting Max Goof

Max cannot normally be found at the Walt Disney World Resort, Hong Kong Disneyland or Disneyland Paris, though he has been known to appear for special events and park anniversaries, etc.
At Disneyland in California Max sometimes features at the Plaza Inn Character Breakfast.
In Tokyo, Max can be found in Tokyo DisneySea at Port Discovery and the Lost River Delta. He can show up in Toontown in Tokyo Disneyland, too.
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Walt Disney World
Disneyland Resort
Disneyland Paris
Tokyo Disney Resort
Hong Kong Disneyland
Shanghai Disney Resort
Disney Cruise Line
Rarity Resort You
Not out normally or Seasonal/Special Events Only Walt Disney World  
Out Sometimes or at Character Meal Disneyland  
Not out normally or Seasonal/Special Events Only Disneyland Paris  
Out Often Tokyo Disneyland  
Never Out Hong Kong Disneyland  
Unknown Shanghai  
Disney Cruise Line  
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