Once Upon a Time, Sleeping Beauty

Fantasyland, Parc Disneyland, Disneyland Paris

Join Princess Aurora, Prince Phillip and their courtiers for a short musical performance of songs from the Disney Classic, Sleeping Beauty.

Meeting Disney Characters

Normally after the show, Aurora, Prince Phillip, and their court will stay around to meet guests. This does not always happen (especially in very cold weather); however, it normally does. Their court will spread out around the area surrounding the courtyard while Aurora and Phillip normally stay in the center roped off "Sword and the Stone" area where the show is performed and will move about and come to the ropes to meet guests. You can normally get a picture of and/or with them and an autograph; however, they stay behind the rope and don't come out into the audience. It can also require some persistence and calling out to them for them to notice you and come over.
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Pictures of Once Upon a Time, Sleeping Beauty