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World Environment Day
DisneyDan  Wednesday, June 5, 2013 9:35:35 AM
Hello everyone,

Today, 5th June, is the United Nations declared "World Environment Day".
It is a day where citizens of the world are encouraged to think about their environments, how they affect them, and what they can do to protect our planet from the damage being done.
This year the theme of World Environment Day - or WED as it is known (notice that, spooky huh?...) - is food waste.
The United Nations says that "food waste is an enormous drain on natural resources and a contributor to negative environmental impacts."
Their information page here has some shocking facts and figures about the affect food waste has on our planet.

I'm sure that you will all agree that there is more we can do, and I know our Disney Character friends would also want to contribute in whatever way they can!
This is Character Central after all, so here's a few of our Disney friends, from different environments, who would like to share the message of reducing waste, and saving our planet.

Chip 'n' Dale, and their critter cousins live amongst us in our gardens and parks. We must take care to protect them...

Saying Happy Birthday to Chip and Dale!

Ocean pollution is a big problem for Ariel and her under the sea friends...


Pocahontas is at one with nature, and understands that you must protect the land...


Fawn the animal fairy, Rosetta the garden fairy, and Silvermist the water fairy are all very much in touch with the environment...

Meeting Fawn

Meeting Rosetta

Meeting Silvermist

Jiminy Cricket is Disney's official ambassador for Environmentality...

Character fun at the 20 Years of Magic! event

Tarzan reminds us that the jungles and rain forests are delicate habitats, abundant with wildlife...

On the Wild Side event

Flik and his bug friends are important for many reasons, including decomposition, and we should take care to treat them as fairly as other creatures...

On the Wild Side event

Russell is learning how to be good to others, and the environment through his Wilderness Explorer club. Russell recommends that families look at Disney's fun and interactive Disney Planet Challenge website for more information about how you can help your local environment.

Meeting Russell after the Wilderness Explorer Ceremony

Push, the Talking Trash Can from the Disney Theme Parks encourages you to dispose of your waste appropriately...

Meeting PUSH!

Remember everyone, we don't own the Earth, we share it with billions of other creatures, and it's the only home we have.

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