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Happy New Year - and Happy 8th Anniversary Character Central!
DisneyDan  Monday, January 1, 2018 1:25:35 PM
Hello everyone,

Today we celebrate the coming of a brand new year, 2018, and all the positive things that the start of a new year brings. Free from the baggage of 2017, we can start afresh, with a new outlook and a positive mind.

Today - New Year's Day - is also the 8th anniversary of the day that we officially, publicly launched Character Central on to the big ol' world wide web! Eight years have flown past, and we have had a ball. We are immeasurably grateful for the friends we have made along the way, the laughs and fun, the character encounters that we have been lucky enough to have, and most of all humbled and appreciative of the immense support and love that we get from like-minded fans and followers who simply love to meet the Disney characters.

Character Central might not be at the forefront of the breaking news scene, but that was never the intention, and while we may appear to be running on silent mode for extended periods, please be assured that we are always here. I'm always at my desk, editing photos, updating, tweaking or simply making sure that everything here is running as it should be. Character Central contains a vast database of characters and locations that take a lot of time, patience, and love to refine and maintain, and so while we don't always post the latest stuff to the blog, be assured that in the depths of the most obscure pages, I'm tinkering away!

Being here, being a part of the Disney character fan community, and being able to share with you all our own personal experiences in such a colourful and interactive environment as this site, brings us much joy. We do it because we love it; because we want to. It's never to brag, and it's certainly never a competition. We are grateful every single opportunity we have, and are just pleased to be able to have the medium to share that with the world.

Character hunting should be fun, enjoyable and memorable. If you all remember that in 2018, I know that it'll be everyones best character year yet!

Happy New Year, best wishes for 2018 and beyond, and peace and love to you all.


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