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Hong Kong Disneyland Trip Report - Part One
DisneyDan  Friday, July 29, 2011 12:05:49 PM
Hi all,
So as you know I don't tend to write trip reports anymore, simply because we visit the US and Paris parks so often it just seems silly. I also report all the time about them on the blog, and the site has such extensive information and photos from our trips to those places, I just don't bother now. But, time to time something exceptional happens, such as Tokyo last year, and I feel that I have to write about it in more depth.
This year it is the turn of Hong Kong Disneyland, which we visited for the very first time this week. Last Saturday Jon, Loren and I all made our ways to our respective home city airports to begin an amazing four day adventure in Hong Kong, which initially included two days in Hong Kong Disneyland (ended up being one whole day and two half days, but I'll explain later).  [ Read More... ]
We're back!
DisneyDan  Thursday, July 28, 2011 10:46:35 AM

Hi all!

We are now back from our AMAZING trip to Hong Kong and Hong Kong Disneyland.

We have thousands of pictures to go through as ever!

I have started to put together a trip report and hopefully the first part will be up tomorrow evening! So stay tuned for that one.

We had a totally wonderful time, and had some amazing experiences. Some of the cool things we did included meeting the casts of the Festival of the Lion King and the Golden Mickeys shows, plus we had a special finale dinner with some great characters.

Lots more to come over the coming days including all the pictures, but thought I would share at least those small pieces of information with you.

For now, you can check out my previous two "live" updates I made while in HK complete with some pictures of some of the cool characters we met. Click here and here to find out more!

That's all for now,


Character Central Updates
DisneyDan  Friday, July 22, 2011 10:18:04 AM

Hi all,

Just to let you know that we will be away from our desks until next weekend as we will be in Hong Kong!

We will be leaving for Hong Kong tomorrow, arriving Sunday.

We will be spending next Monday and Wednesday in Hong Kong Disneyland!

Tuesday we do know our plans yet, but will be in HK, of course.

We arrive home again Thursday, but it will take us a day or two to get sorted out.

When I return I shall post the next Character of the Week (I know it is over due - but gives you more time to vote!).

Have a good week everyone!

The Character Central Team

Dan, Jon and Loren

Guess who is going to Hong Kong?...
DisneyDan  Monday, June 20, 2011 9:27:14 AM

Hi all,

Today I updated the calendar to reflect a number of changes to our plans.

Our August trip to DLP has now been greatly reduced - but it has been in favour of something very special - we are going to Hong Kong next month!!

We are really excited to have this opportunity now, and cannot wait to see all the amazing things the newest Disney Park has to offer - the ONLY one Jon and I haven't been to yet!

It will mean we actually would have visited all the Parks around the world in less than a year, which is quite the feat!

Ok, that's all for now!

Dan :)

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