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Happy 84th Birthday Pluto!
DisneyDan  Friday, September 5, 2014 11:26:03 AM
Hello everyone,

Today, 5th September, is Pluto's 84th birthday! First appearing in the Mickey Mouse short "The Chain Gang" in 1930, Pluto was first seen tracking Mickey down after he escaped from prison! Since then though, Pluto has become Mickey's faithful companion and one of his best friends.

Let's celebrate in our usual Character Central way, with a cavalcade of photos from our adventures with Pluto over the years at the Disney Parks!

Happy 84th Birthday Pluto!


In case you missed it earlier, today is also Oswald the Lucky Rabbit's birthday! You can check out my dedicated Oswald post, here.

DDE May 2013 - Disneyland Closing Event

DLP Aug 2014 - Magic Brunch


Valentine's Day dinner at California Grill

DDE May 2013 - Breakfast in the Castle Lounge

Fun at the Christmas Brunch

HKDL July 2011 - Meeting Pluto
Advent Calendar - 17th December
DisneyDan  Tuesday, December 17, 2013 1:15:48 PM
Today is the 17th December, which means it is time to open the next door of our Character Central advent calendar!

Click to find out who is behind today's door!

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Happy 83rd Birthday Pluto!
DisneyDan  Thursday, September 5, 2013 9:15:08 AM
Hello everyone,

Today is Pluto's 83rd birthday! On this day in 1930, Pluto first made an appearance in the Mickey Mouse cartoon 'The Chain Gang'. Although in this cartoon he was chasing Mickey (who had escaped from prison!), by his third appearance in 1931's 'The Moose Hunt', he had been officially named Pluto, and now resided with Mickey (his second role had been shortly after 'The Chain Gang', where he was Minnie's pet, instead of Mickey's).

Pluto is lovable and loyal, often seen by Mickey's side on many adventures. Often tormented by the ever mischievous Chip and Dale, causing him to lose his temper, Pluto finds himself in trouble from time to time!

After 83 years, Pluto is still as popular as ever, and continues to bring laughter to millions world over.

Happy 83rd Birthday Pluto!

In our usual Character Central style, here's a photo cavalcade of just some of our fun times we've had with Pluto at the Disney Parks and Resorts over the years!

Breakfast Fun

Having fun at the Jingle Jangle Jamboree


Happiniess is Here parade

Meeting Pluto

Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade

Breakfast at Ohana

Dinner at Chef Mickey

Meeting Pluto

Meeting Pluto on his Birthday! :)

Meeting Mickey Mouse and Pluto

A Table is Waiting

Mickey's Winter Wonderland

Mickey's Costume Party Cavalcade

Meeting Mickey and Pluto

News and Rumours from Around the World: Fantasy Faire opens, Greek event featuring Hercules at DLR, DLP Parade changes and much more!
DisneyDan  Thursday, March 14, 2013 3:43:01 PM
Hello everyone,

This week has actually been quite a news filled week for a change!

Disneyland Resort in California has been at the forefront of most of the news, so let's start there.
On the 12th March, the brand new Fantasy Faire area officially opened to all guests. We have all talked about this a lot recently, but now it's officially open, and it seems to be really popular. Disneyland did an excellent job of it, and we can't wait to see it it in May!

The Disney Parks Blog also announced that the new Mickey and the Magical Map show at the Fantasyland Theatre will debut on May 25th. We will miss this by a few days, sadly, but plan to be back in DL in the summer, so we cannot wait to see it! Much to my happiness, it sounds like it will have Stitch in it too!

Today, the Disney Parks Blog also randomly announced that there would be a brand new 3 day event in late May (25-27) that will be Greek themed!
Apparently it will feature entertainment at both parks at the Resort, including one in DL that will feature Hercules! Hercules is a very rare character indeed, and it will be the first time outside of Tokyo DisneySea that he has met guests in a very long time.

Over in WDW, not strictly character related, but worth a mention; the design for this year's Star Wars Weekends logo has been released, which features Chip and Dale as Ewoks - my favourite Star Wars characters! We hope to be able to attend SWW this year, and so we look forward to seeing which characters will be out... Maybe even Ewok Chip and Dale? Of course that's my own speculation, but that would be very cool indeed!

I can't remember if I mentioned this previously, so I'll mention this again... Hong Kong Disneyland have confirmed further expansions beyond Mystic Point, which opens in May. A bone of contention with many fans, but nonetheless, for the first time a Marvel area will find its way into a Disney Park! Which might even mean characters!
There will also be a new "nighttime" parade, although details were sketchy, we can hope that it'll be an electrical parade? Again, that'll bring more characters to the park, even if it is just for a parade.
Whilst I mention Mystic Point, HKDL are pretty good with their themed characters, and having characters in special outfits in the different lands, which makes me wonder who might appear once Mystic Point opens in May? I guess we'll find out soon enough!

Speaking of Marvel characters, and wondering if they'll show up in HKDL, there is one place they definitely will. Feld Entertainment, the company that produces the Disney On Ice shows and Disney Live shows have announced that they will be creating a brand new Marvel show! From July 2014 it will start out on a big US tour, which will then make its way around the world.

At Disneyland Paris, we have heard from various contacts that for the 20th Anniversary Extension (which runs past the end of April, through to the end of September this year), will include some minor day parade changes. Tiana and Naveen are likely to be replaced with Belle and Prince Adam, and Pluto will finally return to the day parade, having been absent since last year. He will now walk in front of the Mickey and Friends finale float, with Goofy who is being demoted down from the float to the ground.
I have also heard that the music will be altered slightly, but from September (not April), but I have yet to get proper confirmation of this. I'll let you all know when I hear for sure.

Finally, here at Character Central we launched the first of our brand new Trip Planners. Covering pretty much anything you could possibly imagine about planning a trip, and tips and advice for while you're on your trip (complete with tons of useful links), the new Planners are an EXCELLENT resource, and we are proud to say that they are the first of their kind anywhere! The first one is for Tokyo Disney Resort, and we will gradually be adding the other Disney Parks, with Hong Kong being the next one, hopefully in the next week to ten days. So check it out and let us know what you think!

Ok, I think that's everything for now,

Advent Calendar - 22nd December!
DisneyDan  Saturday, December 22, 2012 8:04:09 AM
Today is the 22nd of December, so it is time to open the next door of our special Character Central Advent Calendar!

Ok, here we go!...

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Advent Calendar - 21st December!
DisneyDan  Friday, December 21, 2012 8:55:57 AM
Today is the 21st of December, and seeing as the world did not end today (see my other blog about that here!) that means we can actually open the next door of our special Character Central Advent Calendar!

Here we go!...

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Happy 82nd Birthday Pluto!
DisneyDan  Wednesday, September 5, 2012 3:06:22 AM
Today marks the first appearance of Mickey's faithful companion, Pluto. The 1930 short 'The Chain Gang' featured a dog which would eventually develop into the yellow pup we all love.
Although Pluto did not appear as himself until the following year, it is widely recognised that his first starring role was in The Chain Gang.

Happy 82nd Birthday Pluto!

Here's Pluto in action at the Disney Parks and Resorts.

Mickey's Costume Party Cavalcade


Meeting Pluto

Meeting Pluto

Meeting Mickey and Pluto

Character Central Advent Calendar - 13th December
DisneyDan  Tuesday, December 13, 2011 11:33:23 AM

Today is the 13th of December, and so it is time to open the thirteen door on our Character Central Advent Calendar!

Click to see who is behind today's door!...  [ Read More... ]

Happy 81st Birthday Pluto!
DisneyDan  Monday, September 5, 2011 1:13:02 PM
Today is Pluto's 81st Birthday, so join us in a picture tribute to Mickey's faithful pal.

Meeting Pluto

Pluto originally appeared as a blood hound in 1930 in a short cartoon, and went on to become Minnie's pet "Rover", before finally taking residence with Mickey Mouse in 1931.

Meeting Westernland Pluto

Pluto has a girlfriend by the name of Dinah the Dachshund, and has a dislike for chipmunks following one disastrous encounter at Christmas!

The Legend of Mythica


Always by Mickey's side, a faithful friend and companion, Pluto is truly a Mouse's best friend.

Magical Moments - Meet 'n' Greet the Stars 'n' Cars

Mickey and Pluto
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