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Character Central Advent Calendar - 11th and 12th December
DisneyDan  Sunday, December 13, 2015 9:47:43 AM
Hello everyone,

We have had an exceptionally busy weekend and so I didn't get chance to post these sadly, but here we are now!

Let's see who was behind doors eleven and twelve!

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Saint Nicholas Day
DisneyDan  Friday, December 6, 2013 11:30:30 AM
Hello everyone,

Today is 6th December, which is Saint Nicholas Day.

Saint Nicholas was a bishop from what is now modern day Turkey in Eastern Europe, and was known for being a kind and generous man.
Born in the 3rd century to wealthy parents, Nicholas inherited their fortune when they died, and gave it all away to the poor and those in need.

Often described as being very good to children, and known for secretly dropping gifts in the windows of those less fortunate, we can clearly see where the modern day legend of Santa Claus/Father Christmas/Pere Noel etc comes from.

He apparently died on 6th December somewhere around 343 AD in modern day Demre, Turkey.

After his death, due to his good deeds towards children, he was made patron saint of children. So, on this day - the day he died - we remember his life, his good deeds, and of course children.

There is one place at Disney I know of that you can see Saint Nicholas, and that's during the holidays at Disneyland Paris.
Their "it's a small world" Celebration features a doll in the Dutch section that represents Sinterklaas, who in turn is basically Saint Nicholas.

DLP Halloween 2012 - it's a small world celebration

Have a good Saint Nicholas Day everyone!

You can find out more about the real Saint Nicholas, you can visit the official page for him here at the Saint Nicholas Center.


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