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Happy 65th Anniversary Cinderella!
DisneyDan  Sunday, February 15, 2015 10:57:33 AM
Today is the 65th anniversary of Walt Disney's masterpiece, Cinderella. Premiering in Boston in 1950, Cinderella is a classic fairytale of a girl with a dream, a Fairy Godmother, and a prince.

In our usual style, here are some photos of our adventures with Cinderella's family and friends at the Disney parks around the world.

Happy 65th Anniversary Cinderella!

Dreams of Fantasy

Anastasi and Drizella cause havoc in Fantasyland

DLP April 2012 - Having Lunch at Auberge de Cendrillon

DCL Feb 2012 - Twice Charmed - An Original Twist on the Cinderella Story

Lady Tremaine

Disney Magic on Parade

Halloween and Christmas (and other) news from around the World!
DisneyDan  Tuesday, October 2, 2012 10:58:28 AM
Hi all,
Not really a news update per se, but more just some updates regarding some things that have been going on at the Parks over the last week or so.

Halloween has of course started now at DL and DLP.
DLP has seen a massive overhaul of it's Halloween Season this year, with some FANTASTIC new decorations, lots of new entertainment (at least 3 new bands!), as well as the return of the Trick or Treat stage show starring Mickey and Friends.
The Villains have all returned, and meet daily in Fantasyland, and Jack and Sally are back at Phantom Manor. Villains I have confirmation of this year are: Maleficent, The Witch, Dr Facilier, The Tremaines, Frollo, Gaston, Cruella, Gideon, Ratcliffe, Jafar, the Queen of Hearts, Shan Yu and Hook.
Goofy also has a new location on Main Street, as well as brand new outfit. Pooh has returned once again in his Bumblebee costume, too.

In California, the bulk of their Halloween offerings have moved to the Big Thunder Ranch in Frontierland.
The Villains and Mickey and Friends are all there in their Halloween finest. There are also some other small Halloween offerings, activities and games that take place there.
Of course, the park is decked out for the season too.
Much to the fans sadness, and although it was almost expected, Buena Vista Street was not decorated this year for its first Halloween.

This year we'll be visiting FOUR of the Resorts (9 of 11 parks!) for Halloween! We've already done WDW two weeks back, next up is Hong Kong, followed by Tokyo, the finally Paris! 17 days and counting until that craziness begins!

Speaking of Halloween and Florida, they had one of their many marathons that they hold, just last week, and it was a special Halloween themed one. More accurately, it was Villains, and there were some really neat characters there. Most notable were the Hyenas and the Haunted Mansion Gravediggers! We would LOVE to meet the Hyenas!

Jumping back to Paris, you may have noticed that Duffy was missing from the list of characters for Halloween. It was originally expected that he would appear in the same outfit as the US Parks, but in fact, he has been recently dropped from the park altogether (namely due to lack of interest from Guests).
We have heard that he will probably not return for Christmas, either.

Over in Florida, we have heard that at Disney's Hollywood Studios, the long running Beauty and the Beast show will be leaving, as will the Little Mermaid show. No word yet as to when, or what their replacements will be.
Florida has also mixed up some characters this autumn. Marie has moved from EPCOT to Magic Kingdom, Beast has left altogether (to get ready for his debut in the winter at MK presumably) and Chip 'n' Dale have moved from Camp Minnie-Mickey to Rafiki's Planet Watch.
I think there may have been some other minor changes too, but I don't recall what they were right now!

Back to DLP now, and today saw something quite unusual. The Three Good Fairies - Flora, Fauna and Merryweather - made a surprise appearance in Fantasyland! Apparently DLP is considering having them out regularly, and so they asked the Fairies to appear for Guests today to test their popularity! Amazing!
We had heard previously (and I have mentioned this before I think), that DLP want to start having more and more rare characters appear (something that they have always been good at anyway!), and so maybe this is the start of that? A very good start I would say!

Recently there was a promotion in France by Disney for the new Cinderella DVD release, and something quite odd happened. Disney France gave Prince Charming a name for the very first time! Disney has always insisted that the Prince's name was indeed Charming, but now I guess they have decided otherwise! The name was Henri (French of course for Henry)!
So next time you see Prince Charming in the Parks, call him Prince Henri, and see what he says!

And now to Christmas at DLP. I have to say that when I saw the release for the Holiday information this year, it made me REALLY sad that we won't be in DLP for Christmas, as we'll be in DL instead (which I'm still really excited about, of course!).
Here's a list of EVERYTHING that has been confirmed for DLP Christmas thus far, including some really neat BRAND NEW character related items!

Both DL Parc and WDS are getting brand new Christmas Trees and decorations! The DL Parc Tree will feature all new lights and decorations on it.
DL Parc is also getting brand new decorations and garlands all up Main Street, as well as brand new "snow scenes" around Central Plaza featuring character snowmen!
Brand new 3 times per day Christmas Cavalcade in DL Parc featuring Mickey and Friends, Toy Story, Santa and other Holiday friends. FOUR floats - 2 of which are brand new!!
Christmas lights ("ice") on the rooftops of the Castle.
Tree Lighting Ceremony with Mickey and Friends
Brand new outfit and Christmas photolocation on Main Street for Minnie!
Brand new Christmas photolocation for Mickey in the Studios that is a "Christmas Tree Forest"
Santa Goofy in Town Square
Santa Claus at the Cottonwood Creek Ranch
Snowfall on Main Street
"it's a small world" Celebration
NEW Christmas photolocation at the Old Mill for Belle! (replaces Belle's Christmas Village)
Jack and Sally at Phantom Manor - they will be staying after Halloween Season to meet throughout Christmas, for the first time ever!

How amazing does all that sound?!

Ok, so I think that is all for now! It was quite a DLP-heavy article today, but then, I guess that is because they have the most news to share!

As always, you can share your own thoughts and discuss with others on our Forums.


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