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Rapunzel now at TDL, Grizzly Gulch opens, DLP Halloween info, site updates and more!
DisneyDan  Sunday, July 22, 2012 6:00:45 AM
Hi all!
Sorry that it has been a few days since a proper update.
I have been very busy with getting ready to move house, preparing for our trip to Disneyland this week, and a whole lot of other things that basically get in the way!
We do actually try to keep up to date on our forums, and our members there often post news before I get chance to blog about it; so be sure to join our friendly forum to get the most out of Character Central!

Ok so to the news!
Tokyo Disneyland have finally added Rapunzel and Flynn as meet 'n' greet characters, which means that Rapunzel can now be met at all five resorts worldwide!
Disneyland celebrated it's 57th birthday last week, and there was a small ceremony in Town Square. Here's a link to a video of the occasion.
Hong Kong Disneyland's newest land opened last week. Grizzly Gulch features a new take on the Frontierland concept, with a new attraction that is a unique take on Big Thunder.
Of course characters now meet there, and guests can meet Mickey, Minnie, Chip and Dale in brand new Western outfits. Koda and Kenai also meet there.
Over in Disneyland Paris they released their press information for Halloween Season this year.
I had already said previously here on the blog that people should expect the Mickey's Trick or Treat in the Street to return, and I was right!
Goofy will have a new Halloween location in Town Square, and will be themed around the Goody Candy Co concept which they have in the US.
The Villains will of course be back, but in Fantasyland, and Jack and Sally will return as usual, this year near Phantom Manor.
The Soirée sadly will not be getting a replacement show because of the loss of Central Plaza Stage, but Disney Dreams! will be run instead (which can of course be seen any night of the year).
I haven't heard of any more changes to the Soirée, so hopefully all the other weird French entertainment, performers and characters will return as usual.
There is one last thing for Halloween, but it is linked with a recent event too.
We all know that Duffy the Disney Bear has never been popular at any park except Tokyo, despite the fact that he continues to be pushed everywhere. Well, despite the US pushing him ever forward, Paris actually decided last week (unofficially I guess) to drop him!
Now, instead of Duffy at the Boarding House in Town Square, any other main character (usually a Big 8 or Pooh pals) appears if they decide to do that, at any given point (Duffy might still appear, but it is less likely now).
What we have heard though is that Duffy will be back full time for the Halloween Season in a Halloween outfit. I wonder if it will be the same as the US Parks outfit?
I think that's everything for the news today!

A couple of things here at Character Central before I go.
First off, and I hate to write this sort of thing but needs must, I have seen on a number of occasions again recently people copying our work. Whether that be pictures and even my blog posts. Please do not do this. We work hard - and unpaid! - at this to bring you the best character website on the Internet, and it is so disappointing that people can't even be bothered to link back to us or credit us. Groan over!
Second, we have been working really hard to get some great new content up on the site ready for our relaunch, and we are really pleased with how it is all going! I know some of you have asked us on the forums when you can expect to see the new version of the site, and at the moment all I can say is, just be patient and it'll come soon enough!
Thirdly, we are off to Disneyland in California on Wednesday, and as always - where possible - we will be updating throughout our trip with pictures and more on our Facebook page and Twitter. So be sure to follow us there!
Finally, we are still trying to reach our goal of 2000 Likes on our Facebook page, and when we do, we'll be running another great prize giveaway! So get sharing our page with all your friends!

All the best,

A very PIXAR filled week including Cars, Stamps, Play Parade and much more!
DisneyDan  Sunday, June 3, 2012 11:53:27 AM
Hi all,
We have been busy as always here at Character Central, but here's this weeks roundup of all the latest character news.
There has been lots of PIXAR news this week.
We start with the news that the West Coast Cruises this Fall will feature a lot of favourite PIXAR Pals. There will be special meet and greets and events on board.
The picture posted by the Parks Blog shows fairly standard characters, and I doubt very much any real neat ones will show up.
What do you all think of this? Have you already booked a DCL Cruise for these dates? Would you have liked to have known it was going to be PIXAR centric?
Staying with PIXAR, some new PIXAR stamps were launched in the US this week, and the PIXAR pals were at the brand new Art of Animation Resort in WDW for a special launch event.
That leads me to talk about the new Art of Animation Resort... It opened this week with a character filled ceremony and a speech by the fan love her/hate her head of Parks and Resorts, Meg Crofton. Characters in attendance included Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Pluto, Timon, Ariel, Eric, and Chip 'n' Dale - and the Fab 5 friends were the talking head versions! Also there were puppeteers commanding Sebastian and Flounder alongside Ariel and Eric.
Continuing the PIXAR theme, and Downtown Disney in WDW has been hosting the Car Masters Weekend, and of course Disney took the opportunity to have some very famous stars there... Mater, McQueen and Finn McMissile! Although Mater and McQueen already meet in the Parks, Finn is a cool addition for those visiting this weekend.
Over in California, the PXAR Play Parade made it's return in "soft opening" mode, and will return officially on June 15th - DCA's official re-launch date.
The only float we can see that is missing currently is the Remy and Emile one, and that's probably due to the rats bouncing wires being too tall for the new overhead lines along Buena Vista Street.
Staying with DCA, and the Disney Parks Blog announced a few new cool things there. I thought I had mentioned these previously, but obviously completely forgot! So these are a bit late, I apologise lol.
When the new Buena Vista Street opens, some of the Fab 5 friends will get some fantastic new outfits to meet fans in the new land. We just LOVE Chip and Dale's outfits!
Also, as expected, but now confirmed, Mater and McQueen will be meeting Guests in Cars Land daily.
On top of all that, and I think maybe inspired by DLP's daily fountain shows that utilise the new Dreams technology, Goofy will be making appearances in his tux throughout the day at Paradise Bay, conducting the World Of Color fountains to music!
Finally for DCA (!), the Parks Blog also said that a character dance party will take place daily though the summer in Hollywood Land, and "you never know who might show up!"... We'll see whether that ends up being regular pals, or some more random ones (we of course hope the latter!).
We look forward to seeing all these new things this year!

Two last things, which aren't PIXAR related!
Rapunzel and Flynn have apparently been added to the day Parade in the Magic Kingdom, on the finale Castle float, which makes for a nice addition. As we all know, they are immensely popular, and so adding them makes sense - especially in the MK's ailing parade.

Finally, it has been announced (and confirmed by various sources) that place-making will begin at the Walt Disney Studios in Paris, alongside the new Ratatouille ride (scheduled to open 2014), and will continue through 2018!
I know this isn't character related, but it is a much welcomed announcement, and we can only hope that it will be along similar lines to the new DCA, and in turn will mean new character shows, greetings and entertainment!

Ok, that's all for now! Let us know your thoughts by hitting the Discuss button below and commenting on the forum!

Character News and Updates - Princess Merida to come to US Parks, DCA to get new Streetmosphere characters and something special!...
DisneyDan  Tuesday, April 3, 2012 12:13:24 PM
Hi all,

This week has seen a few small bits of new character information emerge.

The Disney Parks Blog has been surprisingly forthcoming with information about some new character experiences at the US Parks.

First off, Princess Merida, from the new Disney-PIXAR movie 'Brave' will come to both the Magic Kingdom and Disneyland by the summer. She will be the first PIXAR character to be represented in the parks as a face character!
At the Magic Kingdom, she will host her own Highland Games (ok, maybe not quite!) at the Fairytale Garden. It will be an interactive experience, complete with archery, according to the Parks Blog! It will be interesting to see how that one works out!
Rapunzel, who currently occupies the spot will be moving to Adventureland, and will be rejoined by Flynn Rider! It is rumoured that they will take Ariel's place at the Veranda, and Ariel could move to near the Swiss Family Treehouse. Nothing is certain at this stage, but that's what I've heard.

At Disneyland Merida will appear at a new location near "it's a small world".
At both locations she is going to be joined by her three bear cub friends in puppet form (so we hear, also subject to change). It will be interesting to see how that works out!

We really look forward to meeting Princess Merida in the summer.

At Disney California Adventure it has been confirmed that there will be a new cast of characters to bring the new Buena Vista Street to life.
Much like how Disney's Hollywood Studios features the Citizens of Hollywood, the Citizens of Buena Vista Street should prove to be a lot of fun. If the Hollywood folk are anything to go by, then expect a lot of random fun and a lot of laughs at every turn!

Just a few other smaller updates. Megara was seen at EPCOT yesterday, and rumour has it that Miss Bunny and Thumper will be leaving Animal Kingdom in the near future (sadly).
Also after a brief absence from the new parade, Tinker Bell has reappeared on the last float in Disneyland Paris, much to the fans delight!

Now, for something special!

As you all are quite aware by now, it is Disneyland Paris's 20th birthday. We will of course be there from Friday this week, and covering all the 20th anniversary happenings as they unfold on the day (next Thursday).
For the FIRST TIME EVER, we will be holding a special competition here at Character Central to win a special DLP 20th anniversary prize pack!
I won't give too much away right now, as we are still working on it, but to be in with a better chance, I might suggest you create an account on our Forums here at Character Central and start getting involved in some of our discussions! Membership is of course free, and quick and easy to do.
That's the only clue I'll give right now!

Ok, that's all for now,

Character News and Updates From Around the Web - Exclusive report on DLP Halloween Season opening, Rapunzel's Coronation in London, WDW 40th celebrations and more!
DisneyDan  Monday, October 3, 2011 12:09:25 PM

Hi all,

This weekend was quite an eventful one in the world of Disney.

We shall begin with something close to home (at least for me!), and that is Rapunzel's coronation in London. Although I wasn't there (why did they have to have it the same weekend as DLP's Halloween Season open?!), there have been some videos posted to YouTube. I liked this one, and this one in particular.

There was a small ceremony at an indoor location, which was presented by the Fairy Godmother and also featured Flynn Rider, and there was a horse-drawn procession outside.

It was a neat and different way to induct her a the newest member of Disney Royalty, and I hope that Disney continue to do cool things like this in the future.  [ Read More... ]

Character News and Updates From Around the Web - Changes coming to DL's AP's? Disneyland Paris's character filled Halloween schedule and the 40th anniversary cavalcade at WDW!
DisneyDan  Thursday, September 29, 2011 1:05:15 PM

Hi all,

As I had previously reported, Rapunzel is having her coronation in London on Saturday (further info in previous post - location etc), and will be joined by all the other Disney Princesses. There have been some neat press photos released this week of Rapunzel's trip to London before her big day. I couldn't find an official Disney source, but Stitch Kingdom reposted some here.

Disneyland in California has said that they will be holding some exclusive new annual passholder events from mid-October, but sadly to begin with these will be by invite only. The first of these parties will include an exclusive evening showing of the Soundsational parade, showing off it's neat light effects not normally seen. Al Lutz has more details here, and there is more to the events than I have time to explain here, but if they are eventually opened up to other passholders, I can see that these will be a success (see Al's post as to my meaning about "if" here).

Over in Disneyland Paris, the opening weekend of Halloween has had it's schedule posted online, much to my joy (I go for two days this Saturday for the opening). It is really good to see some decent times for the two new shows, and some good times for the Villains meets, Jack and Sally, and the Tremaines.

Staying with Paris, and on the Magic Forum, user Poppy has posted some more info about the 20th anniversary Castle show, which I had speculated on previously. The character link here is that Mickey or Peter Pan may appear - but only one of them! Of course, nothing is confirmed yet.

DLP have also announced that there will be an exclusive preview of the new Princess Pavilion for annual passholders (Dream only) on the 5th and 6th of October between 10am and 1pm. If you're there be sure to check it out and let us know what you think!

Finally, our friend Drew posted on the WDWMagic Forum that on Saturday, for WDW's 40th anniversary, the cavalcade I had previously mentioned will be at 10am down Main Street USA, and will feature 60 characters. It will be followed by a speech by Meg Crofton, at CInderella Castle.

Ok, that's all for now,


Character News and Updates From Around the Web - Halloween around the world, Aulani grand opening, Rapunzel coronation in London and much more!
DisneyDan  Sunday, September 25, 2011 11:06:55 AM

Hi all,

This week saw the official opening of Disney's Aulani resort in Hawaii. Mickey and Minnie were there in their Hawaiian finest of course, along with some of the top Disney executives. There are loads of posts on the Disney Parks Blog about it, so head over there to see one of the many videos and photos they have posted.

Speaking of Hawaii and Disney Cruise Line announced that it will be offering a second LA to Hawaii cruise late next year. This presents a really amazing opportunity for those lucky enough to be able to do it - you could start your trip in Disneyland, then sail on a Disney Cruise to Hawaii, then finish your stay at the new Aulani resort! Imagine the character fun to be had on a trip like that!  [ Read More... ]

Character News and Updates From Around the Web - Dreamfinder makes surprise appearance in WDW! Phineas and Ferb coming to DCA and much more!
DisneyDan  Wednesday, May 18, 2011 11:35:42 AM

Hi all,

Disneyland Paris yesterday had it's premier showing of the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie (not the French premier though). Disney Central Plaza posted to their Facebook page a photo of Jack Sparrow and Davy Jones meeting Guests at the cinema in Disney Village! There is some conflict of information as to whether these were real or not, but whether these characters were provided by Disney, or by the cinema, they were certainly very convincing, and were on Disney property for a Disney movie premier! In our eyes that makes them characters, but take a look and make your own judgement. Let me know what you think by hitting the Discuss button at the end of this post.

I have also just literally heard from an inside source that Café Mickey in Disney Village, sadly, is no longer offering random characters at the meals! From now on it is only the Fab 5 and friends! This is quite a shame, as this was one of Disney best Character meal experiences around, and you never knew who you would get!

Loren posted his latest Character Updates to the Character Central Forum. Jon also posted to the forum that a user on MiceChat heard that Phineas and Ferb would be coming to Disney California Adventure at the start of June!

Of course the biggest news was from Florida where the D23 event came to a spectacular finish. None other than Dreamfinder and Figment made a surprise, and much welcomed appearance on stage. Check out the video Jon posted in the Forum here.

Staying with Florida, I heard that Rapunzel and Flynn made a random appearance at International Gateway in EPCOT, and Tinker Bell is now greeting alone in the temporary Fairy Garden near Mouse Gear. She has six set times with no friends joining her. This is a massive come down from the glory days of her appearing from open to close with two other friends in Pixie Hollow in the Magic Kingdom. The lines get far too long, and she is way too popular to only have six half hour slots per day. Hopefully when she moves back to Adventureland, things will be restored to order.

Don't forget to check out the latest Character of the Week, and vote for next week's star.

Ok, that's all for now,


Character of the Week - Rapunzel
DisneyDan  Monday, May 16, 2011 11:51:30 AM
Rapunzel was born to a popular King and Queen in a distant far away kingdom full of enchantment. When she was born it was discovered that Rapunzel’s hair had magical healing powers. The wicked “Mother” Gothel’s vanity fuelled her cruelty, leading her to kidnap Rapunzel and raise her as her own. Locked in a tower for eighteen years, Rapunzel was raised by Mother Gothel believing that the outside world was a cruel and dangerous place. Though Mother Gothel did care for Rapunzel in the dutiful sense, she never really loved her as her own daughter. Despite looking out for her and giving Rapunzel eighteen years of her own life, ultimately Gothel’s goal was to stay young and beautiful forever – something she could only do with Rapunzel’s magical hair.  [ Read More... ]
Character News and Updates From Around the Web - Rapunzel on the Dream & in Hong Kong, Family Fun Days at Disneyland - and more!
DisneyDan  Saturday, January 22, 2011 9:52:23 AM

Hi all,

Earlier this week the brand new Disney Cruise Line ship, the Disney Dream launched in spectacular Disney style, as I reported on earlier. Since then we have learned from the Orlando Sentinel that there is at least one new show on board title the Sail Away Party. There is also a new segment added to the Golden Mickeys show (also currently plays aboard one of the other ships) starring Rapunzel, Flynn Rider and none other than Mother Gothel! This is the first time the vain and self-obsessed step mother has appeared in character form, and we look forward to seeing her in the future! I don’t currently have any pictures of these things, but if I see any, I will be sure to post them here.  [ Read More... ]

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