Buena Vista Street

Disney California Adventure, Disneyland Resort

Welcome to California Walt Disney!... This is where it all began for Walt, Los Angeles in the 1920's. Up and coming stars on every corner, the movie industry booming, friendly, aspiring folk, and a classic charm that will never be recaptured. Buana Vista Street is Walt's town, and where he made his name.

Mickey, Goofy, Pluto, Chip and Dale all meet regularly in their Buena Vista Street 1920's outfits.
There are 5 Citizens of Buena Vista Street to be met, too. These are Molly and Milly the Messengers, Donna the Dog Lady, Officer Calvin Blue and Phi Phi Francis the Photographer. All make regular, daily appearances on Buena Vista Street.
Check exact times and locations on the day of your visit.
Buena Vista Street replaces completely the former Sunshine Plaza, and there is nothing left at all to suggest the area's former incarnation. I think that part of DCA's history is now long forgotten!
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Pictures of Buena Vista Street