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Walt Disney World Christmas 2015 Trip Report - Part 3
DisneyDan  Friday, March 18, 2016 1:32:05 PM
Hello everyone,

In this third and final part of my Walt Disney World Christmas trip report we will be taking a look at our adventures at the Magic Kingdom.

Let's start at the front entrance of the park where we found the Toy Soldiers playing to guests arriving on the ferry!

On Main Street USA we met Mary Poppins, two elves and a reindeer. Jon and I had missed the elves and reindeer at the Christmas parties the year before, and so I was very happy to finally meet them on this trip!

The Main Street Trolley Show had its usual seasonal overlay, so we stopped to watch that one morning.

We watched Mickey's Once Upon a Christmastime Parade numerous times throughout our trip. I have selected some photos from just two viewings of the parade, otherwise there would be hundreds of photos here!

We watched one of my favourite Christmas shows, Celebrate the Season, twice. Because of rain and other issues, we had also not seen that the year before, so I was glad that we had the chance again this time.

Before we head into Adventureland, I'll share a couple more photos from around Main Street USA.

In Adventureland I took a photo of the newly opened Skipper Canteen. We haven't eaten there yet, but perhaps later in the year we'll give it a try.

While in Adventureland we took a cruise on the Christmas version of the Jungle Cruise, the Jingle Cruise. I like that they started doing this a couple of years ago. It's nice to have a festive attraction in the park. Perhaps we can also now bring Haunted Mansion Holiday and "it's a small world" Holiday from Disneyland?...

We watched Holiday Wishes, which was pretty, but not worth fighting the enormous crowds for.

Finally, we watched A Totally Tomorrowland Christmas at the Rocket Tower Plaza Stage. I have to say, it isn't the best show in the world, and after running for so many years now, it could definitely do with revamping or an outright replacement.

It doesn't seem like we did a lot, but actually we did. Between watching the parade somewhere around four or five times, Celebrate the Season at least twice, the Tomorrowland, show, meeting characters and watching the fireworks, we had some very full days at the Magic Kingdom. I guess those things take up a lot of time, and so with it being the holiday season we find ourselves less concerned with things we can do every day of the year.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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