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The Magic of Music at Disneyland Paris
DisneyDan  Friday, November 19, 2010 8:46:32 AM
One thing that is often overlooked at Disneyland Paris is the varied entertainment that they offer throughout the year (aside from the main parade and shows).
On Main Street USA you may find the Disneyland Band playing.

Disneyland Band

Currently they accompany Princess Tiana and Prince Naveen as they meet their fans. The band usually plays all the best Disney classics, but while they are with Tiana and Naveen, the style is either from that movie, or of a Deep South jazz style.

Jazz band play for Tiana's arrival

At the counter service restaurants of the park, you can see and hear any number of live music entertainers play whilst you dine.
At the Cowboy Cookout BBQ Billy Hill and the Hill Billies normally play regularly, and at Halloween, the Crypt Quintet play just outside (in front of the jacket potato cart).

The Billy Hills' play at Cowboy Cookout BBQ

The Crypt Quintet

Moving over to Adventureland, at Hakuna Matata the African Tam Tam drummers play outside, and at Colonel Hathi’s they play inside.

African Drummers outside Restaurant Hakuna Matata, Adventureland

African Tam Tam Drummer in Colonel Hathi's

The band members also roam Adventureland from time to time, and are always happy to pose for a photo.

Meeting an African Drummer in Adventureland

Strangely enough, the African Drummers can also be found sometimes at the Hyperion in Discoveryland. Although this is not really an appropriate location for them, the theatre serves a good purpose. Not only is it enormous, but is linked to the major counter service restaurant - hence capturing a larger audience - and also provides video feeds to the screens, surround sound and of course shelter from the outside elements.

African Tam Tams

The Drummers can also sometimes be seen playing on the lion King float during the Once Upon a Dream Parade.

Disney's Once Upon a Dream Parade

Finally, over at Au Chalet de la Marionnette, very occasionally a folk band play Disney tunes in traditional Bavarian style.

Band playing in Au Chalet de la Marionnette

So next time you are at Disneyland Paris, be sure to check out one of the many musical offerings around the Park.

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