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Mickey's Not So Scary line-up! (updated 17/9/11)
DisneyDan  Wednesday, September 14, 2011 9:17:31 AM

Hi all,

So last night saw the first Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party of the season at the Magic Kingdom, and so we can now officially confirm what the line-up is!

Starting on Main Street, in Town Square Theater's Princess Room there are Cinderella, Prince Charming, Rapunzel, Flynn Rider, Snow White and The Prince.

In the Magician's Dressing Room are Mickey and Minnie. Interestingly, when they go for their break from sets, they return in alternating outfits. So you could potentially see either the Magician and Witch outfits as seen from the last four years, or Pirate Mickey and Princess Minnie as seen at the old Pirate and Princess Parties from long ago.

In Town Square you can meet the Pooh friends. Three of the four's outfits remain unchanged from previous years (Pirate Tigger, Clown Eeyore and Butterfly Piglet), but this year Pooh has ditched the Super Sleuth outfit, and is now an orange and black Tigger-esque bumblebee!

On the other side of the street at the Tour Guide Garden Duffy joins the celebrations, and can be found wearing an orange pumpkin design sweater and a pumpkin hat.

Moving up to the Hub, and the Villains were as expected - the Tremaines, Lotso, Jafar and Gaston.

Moving left into Adventureland and Aladdin appeared with Jasmine and Genie, but I haven't seen anything of Abu yet. Hopefully he is there too, and was just on a break at the time!

Donald and Daisy have also moved to Adventureland this year due to the closure of Toontown. Daisy is still in her Princess costume, but Donald has now ditched his former pumpkin outfit in favour of the Pirate outfit as seen from the Pirate and Princess Parties, just like Mickey. UPDATE 17th September: Donald and Daisy have now moved to near the Winnie the pooh attraction in Fantasyland as Adventureland was getting quite crowded with all the characters!

As expected, Tinker Bell, Vidia and Rosetta were at in Pixie Hollow by the Veranda, and outside Tarzan, Jane and Terk, also as per previous years.

Rafiki was also in Adventureland, and I presume Timon, as he was meant to be, but I haven't seen anything about him as yet.

Jack Sparrow was meeting near Pirates of the Caribbean.

Going into Frontierland and by Splash Mountain were the Seven Dwarfs. In the Golden Horseshoe Woody, Jessie and Bullseye had their dance party as per previous years.

In Liberty Square Tiana and Naveen were at their regular daytime spot in the Glade.

Fantasyland features Alice and the Mad Hatter. Suzy and Perla also made an unannounced appearance, and later on Main Street, too.

In the Fairytale Garden was Aurora and Prince Phillip.

In Tomorrowland, Buzz Lightyear occupied his regular daytime spot, and Stitch donned his 626 outfit and joined Space Chip, Dale, Pluto and Goofy for his dance party at the Rockettower Plaza Stage.

The Villains Dance Mix and Mingle sees the return of Frollo as opposed to Jafar this year (last year Frollo was dropped in favour of Dr. Facilier, who also still stars).

As previous years, you can meet the Villains after the show. The Queen, Maleficent, The Queen of Hearts, Dr. Facilier, Cruella, Hook and Frollo come down from the stage for a short meet.

Finally to the parade. The opening title float has changed, and there is now a new mini Haunted Mansion float featuring some gravestones. Different characters now include Angelica, Christopher Robin (who used to be in it, but not for a few years) and Pooh in his new outfit that I described above. Sadly Horace Horsecollar has been dropped, and Clarabelle is now at the begining.

I think that's everything. If I have missed anything be sure to hit the Discuss button below and mention it on our forum!

That's all for now,


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