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Character News and Updates From Around the Web - Princess Pavilion opens at DLP and amazing happenings at DLP's MNSSHP!
DisneyDan  Sunday, October 9, 2011 11:01:15 AM

Hi all,

Friday saw the official opening of the brand new Princess Pavilion in Fantasyland at Disneyland Paris.

Following a few days of soft openings, the Disney Princesses were there at 9.30am along with some other courtiers to officially dedicate the new meet 'n' greet location.

Our good friend Hilde (who is also a life long Disney fan), posted a blog entry to her tumblr account which includes some really nice pictures. You can discuss the Pavilion here on our official forum thread.

Friday night also saw the start of this year's Not So Scary offerings at DLP, and what a night it was!

Sadly I cannot repost any pictures here as they are all from Facebook friends, but I can tell you who was there, and then you can search the Internet for pictures.

Pain, Panic and Hades were all out, Snow White, Dopey, the Tremaines, the Pooh friends (complete with party hats), the Fairy Godmother, Suzy and Perla, a whole host of other Villains including Prince John and Shan Yu, and Jack and Sally.

On top of that there were of course the Fab 5 and Friends in Halloween costumes, which included Donald and Daisy in the brand new pirate outfits that Jon, Loren and I had already met exclusively earlier in the year. There were other characters too, but were more regular fare for DLP Halloween.

Huey, Dewey and Louie were on hand to meet after their new Castle Courtyard show, as I had discussed before on the blog, as well as a reworked main hub show, and a small show for Minnie at the new Peter Pan stage (she was also in the pirate outfit we saw back in June).

Although sadly we couldn't make it (we are going to Florida's AND California's Parties instead for Halloween, and I was at DLP last weekend for the Halloween open!), I have heard from my friends there that they feel DLP have really stepped up their game with this years parties, making this years MNSS event the best DLP has offered yet!

I have to say that this makes me really happy to know that they have made such an effort this year, and I look forward to how DLP progress with their newly redefined Halloween offerings in the future (I say redefined as they appear to have made somewhat a u-turn on how they approach Halloween this year).

Someone made an interesting point to me (and this is pure speculation), but with DLP being so hot on the cool characters and neat new outfits lately, is this an indication of things to come for the 20th anniversary next year? We can only hope!

Jon, Loren and I are all going to be in Disneyland this coming week for all the Halloween offerings there. We will try to update via our Facebook fan page where possible, but please be patient as we'll of course be very busy on our trip.

We will be attending two Mickey's Halloween Parties as well as the exclusive Annual Passholder Soundsational event on Wednesday night - so stay tuned for news and updates from that!

We are also going to be off to Florida next Saturday, and attending MNSSHP there!

We'll be back at our desks form Tuesday and be able to respond to all your comments and messages properly after that.

Have a good week everyone!


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