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NEWS - Club Villain officially announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios
DisneyDan  Thursday, October 29, 2015 12:11:48 PM
Hello everyone,

Today the Disney Parks Blog finally confirmed details of the long rumoured Club Villain event at Disney's Hollywood Studios.

Taking place inside a new building that was recently constructed near the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster, Club Villain is a premium event, with prices set at $99 per person, including tax and gratuity. Club Villain opens on January 16th, 2016, and runs on "select nights", with no end date currently announced.

Details from the Disney Parks Blog are as follows:

"The first Club Villain will take place Jan. 16, with reservations opening today, when the mysterious Dr. Facilier is your host for the evening, welcoming guests and his friends from the “other side” to his parlor of mystical mishaps, with musical numbers and a wicked mix from his house DJ. Also stopping by to socialize are those divas of evil, Maleficent, Queen of Hearts, Cruella De Vil and the Evil Queen.
Club Villain provides a spellbinding evening to enjoy fiendish concoctions from the Potions Bar, savor culinary delights from New Orleans and beyond, meet with the villains and dance the night away."

It is currently unclear whether you'll be able to actually meet the villains there, or if they will just be present on a dance floor or stage. You would think - and hope - that for $99 per person that you would be able to meet them; but I guess we shall see in January!

To make you reservation you can call 407-939-3463, 90 days in advance.

Happy 54th Anniversary 101 Dalmatians!
DisneyDan  Sunday, January 25, 2015 3:54:48 PM
Today, 25th January, is the 54th anniversary of the release of Walt Disney's classic, 101 Dalmatians.

Not too many characters from the film have ever appeared at the Disney parks around the world, and sadly of the few that have appeared, we have only met Cruella de Vil. So, here's Cruella on one of the many occasions we've met here, this time at Tokyo DisneySea's American Waterfront.

Happy 54th Anniversary Cruella!

Cruella de Vil

Happy 51st Anniversary 101 Dalmatians!
DisneyDan  Wednesday, January 25, 2012 9:09:32 AM
Today is the 51st anniversary of Disney's 17th animated classic, 101 Dalmatians.
Sadly the only character to ever have real representation in the parks is the villainous Cruella de Vil.
Her bumbling henchmen did briefly make appearances during the Disney Cinema Parade in Paris some years ago, but haven't been seen in a very long time.
But, nonetheless, let's celebrate as we always do, by taking a look at some of Cruella's highlights from her appearances in the parks.

Cruella de Vil

Cruella de Vil

Disney's Once Upon a Dream Parade - Dreams of Trick or Treat

Disney's Once Upon a Dream Parade - Dreams of Trick or Treat

The Disney Villains Halloween Showtime

Meeting Cruella DeVil

Character of the Week - Cruella de Vil
DisneyDan  Monday, May 30, 2011 3:09:01 AM
Cruella de Vil is the dog-snatching villain from the 1961 movie 101 Dalmatians. Living in Hell Hall, Cruella is a wealthy heiress who just loves fur coats. She loves fur coats so much that her mean and selfish streaks make her want the softest, most expensive coats around.  [ Read More... ]

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