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DisneyDan  Tuesday, November 29, 2011 12:26:33 PM

Hi all,

The last week or so has been fairly quiet overall (again) for character news, but I have the following to share.

Not character related, but Disneyland Paris have now launched an official fan survey, where you can give quite in-depth feedback. There is a section on there to mention websites that you frequent for all you DLP news and information needs - so Jon and I would be eternally grateful if you would list us!

Staying with Disneyland Paris, and after months of speculation, and nearly happening (I mentioned this back in June I think), Disney's Stars 'n' Cars has finally dropped the show part of the show/parade at the Studios.

It has always been a bit of a struggle for them to make it work feasibly, ensuring everyone can see the show and the parade, and so now I guess they finally gave up trying. With the limited space and many disappointed guests who cannot get to the show part in time enough to get a good space, a straight out parade seems the most logical option.

Of course, they do now need to beef it up a bit with some more characters or performers along the parade route, but we'll see what happens...

Earlier in the year, when I was discussing the upcoming changes to the Once Upon a Dream Parade in DLP, I mentioned that the Dreams of Power (Villains) float would be dropped. Although this is still the case, we have heard that it will be back for Halloween next year, implying maybe that DLP are going to make a return to some special Halloween additions to the Parade, which were dropped for the first time this year, with much uproar from the fans. Maybe they learned their lesson?

Be sure to check out the latest instalment of my Grand Circle Tour of DLP which of course includes some character encounters, and stay tuned for the next part coming this week.

Finally for Paris, construction on Mickey's new meet 'n' greet location at the former Fantasy Festival Stage has begun, and you can check out my special report on it here. Discover the wonder and magic of this new location in Fantasyland!

Jumping across the pond now to Florida, and I realise I'm a bit late on this one, but the Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Parties have started in Florida, and as expected, no-one really special has showed up. Although Phineas and Ferb are appearing in Christmas hats and scarves, which is a nice addition to their usual costumes (they normally meet at DHS in the daytime).

Also in Florida, Holidays Around the World started this week at EPCOT, and saw the return of many favourite characters including Father Christmas and Nowell the Lumberjack.

Florida has also had some sort of divine inspiration this last week or two, and our friends on the ground have been reporting some cool random appearances, including Li Shang in China (who will be back on December 1st - so go check him out!) and John Smith. Ther have been some others too, but they were the most exciting ones!

Over in California, Loren posted his latest report, and includes some of the character related Holiday happenigs there.

Finally, Hong Kong Disneyland opened it's brand new Toy Story Land, and Woody, Jessie and the Green Army Men are reported to now be appearing regularly.

Ok I think that's all for now. Nothing extraordinary, but good to catch up nonetheless!


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