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Character News and Updates From Around the Web - Merlin in DLP and Mickey's new home in WDW!
DisneyDan  Wednesday, March 9, 2011 12:46:15 PM

Hi all,

This week I heard from a friend that Merlin made an unprecedented appearance in Disneyland Park in Disneyland Paris. For the first time in many years during regular hours (besides ticketed events), Merlin was found in the Castle Courtyard trying to find the new King of England in the much pined for Sword in the Stone Ceremony!

Those of you who follow the Disneyland Paris updates closely will remember that Merlin is due to make a regular return to the Park in the brand new once-per-day hub show debuting next month for the new Magical Moments Festival. My guess (and it’s just a guess), is that this was a form of “training” for Merlin. What better way for Merlin to prepare for his big new part than to hold the Sword in the Stone Ceremony? We can only hope that once he returns to the Park, seeing as the hub show is only once per day, that the ceremony may make more a permanent return, even if only a couple of times per week (even just once per week would be cool enough). It would make sense to use the character more if he is already being used for the main show. We shall see what happens.

Over on Discussion Kingdom, there were pictures and information posted of the new Mickey meet ‘n’ greet at Expo Hall in the Magic Kingdom. It sounds like it is going to be really neat when finished.

Ok, that’s all for now,


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