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Character News and Updates From Around the Web - Magical Moments arrives in DLP and Angel to stay!
DisneyDan  Wednesday, March 30, 2011 11:50:57 AM

Hi all,

I have some news form Disneyland Paris today regarding the new Magical Moments Festival.

They have been out in full force installing the new photolocations, and so far include Aladdin, Lion King/Jungle Book, Rapunzel and Alice in Wonderland. I found these pictures posted to a blog, and I have to say that the Aladdin one looks neat, the Alice one is ok, but the Rapunzel one looks simply awful (you can click the images to see them larger). The Rapunzel one is just stuck right in the middle of the walkway and is completely out of touch with its surroundings. I really think it is a bad set up.

The Jungle one is not featured on that page, but I have seen photos elsewhere earlier in the week and it is rather basic and not very intrusive on the surroundings, unlike a certain Rapunzel one…

The new stage for the Following the Leader Peter Pan happening has been up for a couple of weeks now, but today I saw a photo from a contact on Facebook (which means I cannot repost here) with four pirates and Mr Smee (“face” Mr Smee at that!) on the stage! I do not currently know if this was part of a preview of the full version, or if they were just there for some other reason, or even if was during park hours (though it looks like it was), but as it stands, the pirate outfits look very much like the Once Upon a Dream Parade ones, and the Mr Smee outfit resembles (but still different to) the Dream Along version from the Magic Kingdom.

Finally for Paris, I have it on very good authority from a reliable source that Angel is now in Paris permanently. How she will be used going forward is yet to be seen, but it has been suggested that she was such a success at Paris that they now have her there ready to star in future events, and hopefully (but by no means confirmed), meeting Guests.

Jumping over to the Magic Kingdom, I just want to point out that yesterday there was some confusion regarding the Fairies and the Princesses. Stitch Kingdom later updated their article to better reflect what they understand to be the case. Please read their update here. My original post regarding this can be found here, with amendments made in the discussion topic on the forum.

While I am on the subject of corrections and things from other sources, after a number of interesting conversations with people this week, I want to just point out that anything I post on the blog is always subject to change, alteration and/or cancellation. Some of it is even just purely rumour and what we hear from our contacts – and sometimes just speculation on our part. I do always try to make it clear that something is rumour or speculation. I do not want to confuse people, just inform, and so please just bear this in mind in the future before commenting on any inaccuracy on this blog or the forum pages. We do always try to use the most reliable sources we can, and double check our facts before posting. If anyone knows any information they are always welcome to post it to the forum, or email us privately (email address at the bottom of the page).

Finally, please remember to cast your vote for the next Character of the Week. Details at the end of last weeks post here.

Ok, that’s all for now,


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