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Character of the Week - Peter Pan
DisneyDan  Friday, April 8, 2011 12:23:39 PM
Peter Pan is the boy that never wanted to grow up. Escaping from his pushchair when he was very young after deciding he did not want to have the responsibilities of a man, he found himself whisked away by the magic of faith, trust and pixie dust to Never Never Land.

Meeting Peter Pan

In Never Land Peter made friends with the Fairies, Mermaids and Native Indians, as well as other lost children as they found their way to the magical isle. Taking charge of the band of children who call themselves the Lost Boys, they have many adventures together, including continually outrunning and defeating the bumbling Never Land pirates led by the dastardly Captain Hook.

Peter makes a particularly special friend in the young Fairy, Tinker Bell who looks out for him, and even teaches him to fly (with the help of some Pixie Dust).

With his flying skills perfected, Peter takes it upon himself to go back home from time ti time, but not to be seen or meet people, but to just observe what he left behind.

Peter often would sit and listen to the stories told by Wendy to her brothers, later taking Wendy to Never Land to be a mother to the Lost Boys. They embark on many adventures together, including fighting the villainous Captain Hook. Eventually Wendy has to be returned home, but Peter never forgets her and still comes to her window often to hear her tell stories to her brothers.

At the Parks and Resorts

Peter Pan features in quite a wide range of shows, parades and attractions at the Parks and Resorts. At the Walt Disney World Resort, Peter features in both the day and night parades in the Magic Kingdom, as well as the ever popular Castle Stage show, Dream Along with Mickey, in which he has a main role.

In Disneyland Paris and Tokyo Disneyland Peter features in the day parades and in Tokyo in the night parade also.

Disney's Once Upon a Dream Parade

In Tokyo Disneyland’s Tomorrowland, Peter has his own scene in the One Man’s Dream show where he even flies!

One Man's Dream II - The Magic Lives On

In Disneyland Paris’s Adventureland there is Captain Hook’s Galley and Skull Rock for Guests to explore, as well as a brand new show for this year (2011) called Following the Leader with Peter Pan, just opposite Skull Rock, daily.

At the Magic Kingdom, Hong Kong Disneyland and Tokyo Disneyland’s Mickey’s Philharmagic, Peter has a small supporting role.

At Disneyland California there is a Peter Pan room inside the Innoventions attraction where you can have a Pan related story read to you complete with special effects and interactivity.

Jon and I fire cannons at Peter Pan in Innoventions!

When the new Soundsational Parade opens in Disneyland California it is expected Peter will feature in that. Also in California, Peter has a major section in the Fantasmic! show in Frontierland.


In California, Florida, Paris and Tokyo the Magic Kingdom style Park’s all feature a version of the massively popular Peter Pan’s Flight attraction.

Peter Pan's Flight

In the past Peter has featured in innumerable shows and parades including It’s Party Time with Mickey and Friends at DLP, Celebrate! A Street Party in California and SpectroMagic in Florida, amongst other things.

Meeting Peter Pan

Peter Pan can be regularly met in Fantasyland and Adventureland at Disneyland Paris, Main Street USA and Fantasyland in California and Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom and Tokyo Disneyland.

Having fun with Peter and Wendy

More information

For more information on Peter Pan, including more precise meeting locations and shows and parades he features in, check out his page on this site here.

And finally

Despite his somewhat selfish and childlike nature, Peter always comes to the rescue of his friends, proving that even children can have the courage and strength to be good leaders and stand up for themselves and their friends.

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