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Character of the Week - Princess Aurora
DisneyDan  Thursday, February 20, 2014 9:32:57 AM
Princess Aurora is the beautiful daughter of King Stefan and his Queen, from Walt Disney's 1959 masterpiece, Sleeping Beauty.

Meeting the Princesses at Royal Hall

She was betrothed since her birth to King Hubert's son, Phillip. At the celebration of her birth, Aurora was blessed by two of the three good fairies with the gifts of beauty and song, but as the third gift was being given, the evil fairy Maleficent arrived. Disgusted not to have been invited to the celebrations Maleficent curses Aurora with death by the pricking of her finger, by the time the sun sets on her 16th birthday.

One Man's Dream II - The Magic Lives On

The three good fairies could not dispel the curse, only lessen it's power. Merryweather makes it so that in the event Aurora did prick her finger, she would fall into a timeless slumber, until her true love came to wake her.

Disney Magic on Parade!

Disney Junior Live On Tour! Pirate & Princess Adventure

Despite the fairies best efforts to protect Aurora as she grows up in exile, hiding from Maleficent's all-seeing gaze, ultimately nothing could stop the Mistress of all Evil. Tricked into pricking herself, Aurora is laid in state at King Stefan's castle. Prince Phillip came to her rescue though, defeating Maleficent and breaking the spell.

Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade

At the Parks and Resorts

At the Disneyland Resort in California, you can visit the original Sleeping Beauty Castle, which opened with Disneyland in 1955 - four years before the film was released! The Castle features a walkthrough experience that tells the story of Sleeping Beauty in beautiful detail.

Sleeping Beauty Castle

Wandering thru Fantasyland

When Hong Kong Disneyland opened in 2005, it came complete with a copy of Disneyland's Castle, but sadly minus the walkthrough experience.

Sleeping Beauty Castle

Disneyland Paris also has a Sleeping Beauty Castle, but instead of being a copy of the Californian one, it is much more majestic. It features 16 dreamy spires (Aurora's age when she touched the spinning wheel), a dragon's lair and an absolutely beautiful gallery on the upper level that retells the story of Sleeping Beauty through stained glass and tapestries.

Wandering up Main Street before opening!

Sleeping Beauty Castle

Sleeping Beauty Castle Gallery

Sleeping Beauty Castle Gallery

There is a lot of merchandise available, including plushes, accessories, toys, dolls and clothes, at most, if not all, the Disney Parks and Resorts (the Asian parks might not have quite so much).

Princess Aurora can also be seen in many parades and shows around the world, from Soundsational at Disneyland, Dream Along with Mickey in Walt Disney World, Disney Magic on Parade at Disneyland Paris, One Man's Dream at Tokyo Disneyland, and the Flights of Fantasy Parade at Hong Kong Disneyland.

Mickey's Soundsational Parade

Flights of Fantasy Parade

Meeting Princess Aurora

Aurora is fairly regular at the Disney Parks.
At Walt Disney World she can sometimes be found in France at EPCOT, and the Akershus Restaurant. In the Magic Kingdom she is normally at the Princess Fairytale Hall. She may also usually be found at Cinderella's Royal Table.
In Disneyland California Aurora can sometimes be found at the Princess meet 'n' greet in Fantasyland, and Ariel's Grotto at DCA.
In Disneyland Paris she is often at the Princess Pavilion and in Auberge de Cendrillon in Fantasyland.
In Tokyo Disneyland she is out in Fantasyland and World Bazaar almost daily.
In Hong Kong she sometimes appears near the Wishing Well.
Aurora meets guests aboard select Disney Cruise Line sailings. You should check your Personal Navigator for details.

I should point out that, for the foreseeable future at least, Princess Aurora greets guests in her blue dress at Disneyland Paris; the only place she does so regularly.

Lunch at Auberge de Cendrillon

More information

For more information about Princess Aurora, where to find her at the Disney Parks and Resorts, and lots more photos, you can check out her dedicated page here at Character Central.

And finally…

Through the power of true love, Prince Phillip and Princess Aurora bring together their kingdoms and live happily ever after.

Princess Aurora's Christmas Wish

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One Man's Dream II - The Magic Lives On
Character of the Week - Chip 'n' Dale
DisneyDan  Saturday, February 1, 2014 4:09:19 AM
Chip 'n' Dale are the cheeky, mischievous duo who first appeared on 2nd April 1943, where they started their onscreen careers harassing poor Pluto, in Walt Disney's animated short, 'Private Pluto'.  [ Read More... ]
Character of the Week - Eeyore
DisneyDan  Friday, January 24, 2014 7:48:27 AM
Eeyore is the ever melancholy donkey from the world of Winnie the Pooh, who mopes around from this place to that, looking for somewhere to live. He is one of Christopher Robin's best friends, and a much loved member of the Hundred Acre Wood.

Mickey's Halloween Celebration

Eeyore, sadly, never has much luck, and often finds himself without a house, a tail, and under a raincloud. His perpetual bad luck gives him a rather dim outlook on the world around him, and he can often be heard saying things such as, "Most likely lose it again, anyway”, "...but nobody listens to me, anyway” and “If it is a good morning, which I doubt.”

Having fun with Eeyore :)

Eeyore often finds himself getting mixed up in the adventures with his more daring friends, often reluctant to get involve but somehow pulled along.

DLP Oct 2009 - Once Upon a Dream Parade

At the Parks and Resorts

Eeyore remains a very popular character, and can be found in many parades and other performances across the Disney Parks, including Disneyland Paris's Disney Magic on Parade, Hong Kong Disneyland's Flights of Fantasy Parade, Tokyo Disneyland's Happiness is Here Parade, special Christmas and Halloween parades in Florida, California and Paris, as well aboard the Rainy Day Express in Hong Kong.
Merchandise can be found at all the Resorts, with some of the cutest items we've ever seen at Hong Kong Disneyland.
Eeyore features in the Winnie the Pooh attractions in Florida, California, Tokyo and Hong Kong.

A Christmas Fantasy Parade

Mickey's "Boo-to-You" Halloween Parade

Meeting Eeyore

Eeyore makes frequent appearances at the Disney Parks and Resorts around the world.
At Walt Disney World you can always meet Eeyore at the Crystal Palace character meal, alongside the other 100 Acre Wood friends. In the past he has also made appearances in Fantasyland next to the Winnie the Pooh attraction, in the UK pavilion at EPCOT, and on the Streets of America in Hollywood Studios during 'Characterpalooza'. Aside from the Crystal Palace though, most of these other appearances are fairly random now, and cannot be guaranteed.
At Disneyland, Eeyore is nearly always at the Pooh and Friends meet 'n' greet in Critter Country, and is often at the Minnie and Friends Breakfast at the Plaza Inn.
At Disneyland Paris, Eeyore can pop up randomly in Fantasyland, on Main Street, at the Disneyland Hotel and the Sequoia Lodge quite frequently.
In Tokyo, you can often find Eeyore near the main entrance (in World Bazaar).
As far as we know, Eeyore does not appear at Hong Kong Disneyland or on the Disney Cruise Line at this time.

Characters come out to play at the American Adventure!

Having fun with Eeyore :)

More information

More information about Eeyore, plus a lot more pictures of him, can be found on his official page here on this site.

And finally…

Despite his gloomy outlook on life, Eeyore is a loving and caring member of the Hundred Acre Wood, always willing to help his friends, and always puts others before himself. With his calm nature and big heart, Eeyore is a truly loved donkey by all that meet him.

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DLP Spring 2010 - Characters Come Out to Play in Town Square
Character of the Week - Hades
DisneyDan  Sunday, July 10, 2011 4:42:35 AM
Hades is the hot headed, wise cracking god of the Underworld.
His parents once ruled the world, but they ran it with brute force and little compassion. They were known as the Titans. The Titan’s children decided to overthrow the Titans, and so they were rounded up and banished to the deepest, darkest depths of the Earth.  [ Read More... ]
Character of the Week - Tarzan
DisneyDan  Saturday, June 25, 2011 4:18:12 AM
When his parents were shipwrecked off a remote part of the African coast, they forged a home from the ruins; but Tarzan’s Swiss Family style life was not meant to be for long. With his parents killed by Sabor, the blood thirsty leopard, baby Tarzan cries out. His cries are heard by the kindly gorilla, Kala. Kala comes to the rescue of Tarzan, and manages to outwit Sabor – for the time being.  [ Read More... ]
Character of the Week - Cruella de Vil
DisneyDan  Monday, May 30, 2011 3:09:01 AM
Cruella de Vil is the dog-snatching villain from the 1961 movie 101 Dalmatians. Living in Hell Hall, Cruella is a wealthy heiress who just loves fur coats. She loves fur coats so much that her mean and selfish streaks make her want the softest, most expensive coats around.  [ Read More... ]
Character of the Week - Rapunzel
DisneyDan  Monday, May 16, 2011 11:51:30 AM
Rapunzel was born to a popular King and Queen in a distant far away kingdom full of enchantment. When she was born it was discovered that Rapunzel’s hair had magical healing powers. The wicked “Mother” Gothel’s vanity fuelled her cruelty, leading her to kidnap Rapunzel and raise her as her own. Locked in a tower for eighteen years, Rapunzel was raised by Mother Gothel believing that the outside world was a cruel and dangerous place. Though Mother Gothel did care for Rapunzel in the dutiful sense, she never really loved her as her own daughter. Despite looking out for her and giving Rapunzel eighteen years of her own life, ultimately Gothel’s goal was to stay young and beautiful forever – something she could only do with Rapunzel’s magical hair.  [ Read More... ]
Character of the Week - The Beast and Prince Adam
DisneyDan  Friday, May 6, 2011 11:23:57 AM
At a young age, Prince Adam enjoyed the riches of his own castle, complete with loyal and friendly servants. With no one to answer to Adam grows selfish and cold. One night a beggar woman comes to his castle asking for shelter in return for a rose, but the naive young prince turns her away, seeing no need to aid her.  [ Read More... ]
Character of the Week - Max Goof
disneydan  Friday, April 22, 2011 7:51:24 AM
Max Goof is the son of the ever clumsy but lovable Goofy. Max is an only child and lives alone with his dad. Often embarrassed by his dad, Max despairs at the thought of becoming like his father. Sometimes he finds himself laughing like his dad or sharing the same mannerisms. This is particularly evident when he is trying to impress his crush, Roxanne.  [ Read More... ]
Character of the Week - Peter Pan
DisneyDan  Friday, April 8, 2011 12:23:39 PM
Peter Pan is the boy that never wanted to grow up. Escaping from his pushchair when he was very young after deciding he did not want to have the responsibilities of a man, he found himself whisked away by the magic of faith, trust and pixie dust to Never Never Land.  [ Read More... ]
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