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Beastly Bazaar to become meet 'n' greet, Disney at the Jubilee, PIXAR Play Parade drops some characters and lots more!
DisneyDan  Monday, June 11, 2012 9:46:27 AM
Hi all,

Overall not too much going on in the character world this week, but there were a few interesting points to note.

Over in California, Buena Vista Street got it's previews, and some of the brand new Citizens of Buena Vista Street were out greeting for the first time, as well as Mickey and Friends in their brand new 1920's style Hollywood outfits!
I don't have any pictures to post here (all from my contacts, sadly), but if you find any, hit the Discuss button below and reply on our Forum! We'll also be there at the end of July for ourselves, and will meet them all, of course! We're really excited to be able to go to DCA so soon after the new things open!
Along with the Buena Vista Street preview, Cars Land also had a preview, and Mater, McQueen and the brand new Red character were there. Mater and McQueen have been park regulars for a long time now, and will continue to meet once DCA re-opens. Red will star in his own new show in Cars Land once the land opens this week!
DCA also saw another soft opening run of the PIXAR Play Parade. Sadly there were some characters cut in the process. These were Boo, Bo Peep, Lotso, Remy, Emile and the Rats. That means an entire two floats were lost in the changes.
Boo and Violet were added onto their respective movie floats as statues, but personally I don't think that makes up for the losses by any means!

Last week in the UK was the Diamond Jubilee, and Disney had a venue in London for the occasion. Guests were able to go inside a tent and meet some favourite Disney pals, including the Cars stars and Jake from the Neverland Pirates. There were some other characters there too, including Baloo and some PIXAR pals, but they were on stage for some sort of presentation. I wasn't there (I simply couldn't deal with the insanity of that day! Besides the line at the Disney tent was reported at being nearly 3 hours long!!), and there isn't too much info out there about it. If you were there and have some photos and memories to share, hit the Discuss button and let us know!

Over in the US Parks, Timon has been given a small makeover. When we are there in the summer we'll of course get some nice new pics to share on the site.

It has been reported that the Beastly Bazaar location in Animal Kingdom will be closing on August 12th to make way for a new indoor meet 'n' greet location. There is speculation that, sadly, this isn't for new additional characters, but instead to move Mickey and Friends from Camp Minnie-Mickey in preparation for land clearing for Avatar Land. I guess we'll see later in the year!

Here at Character Central we have been working hard to bring more content than ever. We continuously add new photos across the site, so when you're on a page be sure to click the Recent tab to see the most recent pictures of for that item.
Also, I have updated the Calendar to reflect some great new Disney related travel plans for the rest of this year, and stretching into 2013! Have a look, see when we're in the Parks and be sure to say hi when we're there!

We're off to DLP again next week, and for the first time (believe it or not lol), we'll be able to go into Salon Mickey! The Shareholder Club exclusive cafe at the entrance to Main Street USA! I don't know why it has taken so long for me to become a Shareholder, but finally I have, and be rest assured more Disney fun is on the horizon now that we have access to even more magic!
While there next week we'll also be doing one of our "traditional" things - having Sunday Brunch at Inventions in the Disneyland Hotel. We have been on a mission to eat at every themed meal on each visit. For those who don't know, Inventions is the FANTASTIC character buffet at the Disneyland Hotel. Each Sunday they host a different themed brunch. They rotate them around, but occasionally throw new or seasonal ones in to the mix. Next week is Parisian! So we look forward to that, and seeing which characters turn up there!

Today I booked our tickets for the Soiree Halloween Party at DLP. It will be interesting to see how things change this year now that there is no Central Plaza Stage for the grand finale show.

A few last tings; non-character related. Today is the anniversary of both World of Color and the Silly Symphony Swings, opening on this day in 2010 at the Disneyland Resort. Also, it is the anniversary of the Finding Nemo Subs - also in DL CA - on this day in 2007!
Finally, yesterday was Pocahontas's anniversary, premiering in New York at the largest open air movie premier in history, back in 1995! Happy belated birthday to Characters Pocahontas, Meeko, John Smith and Governor Ratcliffe!

Ok, that's all for today!

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