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Character News and Updates from around the Web - Duffy Arrives! ElecTRONica, Tangled and Halloween
DisneyDan  Thursday, October 14, 2010 11:22:13 AM

Hi all,

So after a slow start to the week with Character news I finally have some small pieces of information to share with you.

Duffy the Disney Bear began meeting today in EPCOT and California Adventure. Attractions Magazine has posted some pictures to their Twitter showing the location of Duffy's gazebo in EPCOT, and him in his new outfit.

The Disney Parks Blog posted a cute video yesterday of him arriving EPCOT aboard Grand 1, the Walt Disney World private yacht that is normally seen out on Seven Seas Lagoon.

Duffy the Disney Bear, for those of you who don't know, is Mickey Mouse's bear that Minnie made for him. Duffy was to keep Mickey company on his travels around the world, and comes to life at night when Mickey is dreaming.

Lastly for Florida, Rapunzel and Flynn Rider are due to start meeting in EPCOT on the 15th October, and will move to their new home in Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom from the 25th. We are not sure why this change was made, but at least they are still going to be put out for meets. It has not been said yet where they will meet in EPCOT before their transition to the Magic Kingdom.

Jumping over to California now, ElecTRONica started last Friday, and looks significantly better than the previous summer event, Glow Fest. Our good friend Loren Javier has posted many pictures to his Flickr recently of the new event, so be sure to check them out! Loren has also been keeping us up to date with the Halloween happenings at the Disneyland Resort. Characters that have been seen so far include the Sheriff of Nottingham, Frollo, the Snow Witch, Jafar and many more unusual and rare Characters not seen in the US Parks. At the Halloween Party Loren was lucky enough to see Maleficent and Hades too!

Rapunzel and Flynn's new meet 'n' greet location is taking shape in Fantasyland, with Laughing Place posting an interesting picture showing Rapunzel's hair coming from the window of the tower outside the Snow White ride, and draping over the roof of the little building being used for the meets (formerly the Geppetto's Candy Shoppe).

Finally for California, there was a competition on the Disney Parks Blog to win a special night in Disneyland Park called "Villains Victory Party" with exclusive access to attractions and Character meets. The competitions was related to Villains, and so we can only speculate that the meets will include the Villains that have been featuring this Halloween at the Park.

Staying with Halloween but moving across the pond to Paris, our friends at Characters Photos Blog have also been updating with all the featured Characters there. Dr Facilier made his Paris and all-parks regular meet 'n' greet debut at the start of the season ("all-parks" because he cannot yet be met anywhere else on a regular basis). Other Characters seen by Bastien and his friends include The Snow Witch, Shan Yu and Maleficent. Other Villains have been spotted too, but they are fairly normal at DLP, as DLP tend not to be so "afraid" to put out the Villains and other rare Characters on a regular basis.

Ok that's all for now!

Dan :)

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