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Character of the Week - Stitch
DisneyDan  Saturday, November 6, 2010 4:06:02 PM

Stitch is the little blue alien created by Dr Jumba Jukiba as part of a series of illegal experiments. When Jumba was caught, and the experiments captured, Stitch managed to escape. During the escape process he ends up crash landing on a planet called Earth. Surrounded by completely bizarre environments to him, including water, to which he is highly vulnerable, Stitch had to learn to adapt in order to survive.


Upon his arrival he was mistaken for a dog, and adopted by a young girl by the name of Lilo. Lilo is a troubled young orphan who is cared for by her older sister. With her own internal demons, Lilo needs a friend she can trust and believe in, and one who will never leave her. She recognises that Stitch has difficulties with his anger, and tries to teach him in the Spirit of Ohana.

When the alien forces come looking for him, Stitch reveals his true nature, much to Lilo’s horror. But only when Lilo is put in mortal danger does Stitch truly understand what the little Hawaiian girl has been trying to teach him all along. Ohana means family, something both he and Lilo lack. In each other they found comfort and friendship - a bond that Stitch was never designed to have, but has developed through his own learning and Lilo’s teachings.

Stitch saves Lilo, but is recaptured by the Grand Council woman’s men. The Grand Council woman is not an enemy, but rather was shown the bad side of Stitch, and when she is presented with the new, transformed and well behaved Stitch, she allows him to stay on Earth under the care of Lilo and her family.

Despite sometimes being a little naughty (but that’s allowed, right?), Stitch is lovable and loyal, and a dedicated friend and companion to a little orphan girl who needed the love and protection that was tragically taken from her.

Meeting Lilo and Stitch in their Christmas outfits

Stitch and Elvis

Lilo loves Elvis, and introduces Stitch to the King’s music when she adopts him. Stitch takes an instant liking to it. With his new found love for “the King” (Elvis), he regularly listens to him and even dresses in his clothes!

Disney's Stars n Cars

From the big screen to the small screen and back again

Stitch has so far had four movies, and a television series. He has proved immensely popular world over, and has earned his status as one of Disney’s most successful characters of all time.

Stores and more

Stitch can be found on an ever increasing range of merchandise at the Disney Stores and at the Parks and Resorts all over the world. Stitch is more popular in Europe and Asia than he is in the US, but where ever you are, merchandise continues to flood the Parks and Stores with ever changing ranges and designs.

At the Parks and Resorts

Stitch has a number of shows and attractions to his name. At Walt Disney World Resort, Stitch’s Great Escape is an indoor dark theatrical style attraction, with some unusual elements to it (no spoilers here I’m afraid!). He also features in the day parade in the Magic Kingdom. At Hong Kong and Disneyland Paris, Stitch has an indoor interactive show based attraction. Stitch interacts with Guests, adding some surprises along the way. In Tokyo, Stitch has taken over their version of the Tiki Room, and now the birds wear Stitch ears and worship the little blue alien. Stitch also has a very small part in the One Man’s Dream show in Tokyo.

One Man's Dream II - The Magic Lives On


Stitch also features as a minor character in the Disney On Ice production “100 Years of Magic”, that is currently touring Europe. 

Meeting Stitch

Stitch meets at all the Parks and Resorts on a regular basis.

At the Disneyland Resort Stitch can often be found roaming around California Adventure near the Backlot.

At Walt Disney World he can be found in Tomorrowland in the Magic Kingdom, in Future World at EPCOT, near the Camp Minnie-Mickey entrance on Discovery Island in Animal Kingdom, and sometimes round the Sorcerer’s Hat in Hollywood Studios. Stitch can also be met at his Character Meal at Ohana, at Disney’s Polynesian Resort.

In Tokyo Disneyland Stitch meets in Tomorrowland, and in DisneySea over at Arabian Coast. He also has a Character Meal and Dinner Show at the Polynesian Terrace in Adventureland. He currently features in the daytime and night time parades also.

In Disneyland Paris, Stitch can be found in Discoveryland. At the Walt Disney Studios he appears in Stars ‘n’ Cars, and can be seen in his Elvis finest! Sometimes he appears at Café Mickey in Disney Village.

More Information

More information about Stitch, loads more photos, and where to find him in the Parks and Resorts, can be found on his own dedicated page here on this website.

And Finally…

Now living on the island of Hawaii with his adopted family, and ever growing collection of experiment cousins who show up all over the place, Stitch is now at peace with himself and the galaxy, and now truly understands the meaning of Ohana.


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