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Character of the Week - Alice
DisneyDan  Sunday, December 12, 2010 1:09:07 PM

While out on a picnic with her Mum, Alice sits under a tree. Thinking she sees a white rabbit hopping by with a pocket watch and a jacket on, she decides to follow it. He enters a rabbit hole and disappears.


Following the rabbit into the hole, Alice finds herself in a completely different world where everything is muddled and nonsensical, a place the inhabitants call Wonderland.

In Wonderland she encounters a whole host of fantastical creatures from vanishing pink cats, to rabbits and caterpillars that can talk. Of course every land has its villain, and Wonderland is no exception. Faced with having her head lopped off by the loud and irate Queen of Hearts, Alice finally manages to escape the confusion and weirdness of Wonderland, only to find herself back under her tree. Was it all a dream, or did she really just visit another world full of mad folk and walking cards that paint roses red?

Meeting the Mad Hatter and Alice

At the Parks and Resorts

Alice features across all the Parks and Resorts, usually in parades, but seldom in shows. In the Magic Kingdom in Florida, Alice features in the day parade, as well as SpectroMagic (currently on hiatus), and the current Main Street Electrical Parade.

In California, Alice did feature in the Celebrate! A Street Party, but it is currently thought unlikely that she will feature in the new Soundsational parade (she isn’t in the new artwork).

In Disneyland Paris, Alice has her own unit in the day parade as a giant moving animatronic, but has not featured as an actual character in a few years. The Park probably realised that having her as a giant animatronic on the float and having her on the ground constitutes having the character twice, which technically would be wrong! The other Alice in Wonderland characters do star alongside the unit though.

Disney's Once Upon a Dream Parade

In Tokyo Disneyland Alice features in the night time parade, Dreamlights.

Also, Alice has an attraction at each Resort, in the form of the Tea Cups. Although known by different names at each Park, the attraction is basically the same (with the DLP one being the most spectacularly designed).

Alice's Curious Labyrinth

Also, Alice has a number of other locations inspired by her and her movie.

In Disneyland, Alice has her own dark ride attraction, which opened in 1958. In Disneyland Paris she has her own maze, and in Tokyo has a restaurant (well, that is more Queen of Hearts themed, but is inspired by Alice’s movie no less).

Alice in Wonderland

Disneyland Paris also features a small refreshment kiosk in the “Alice Area” (where the Tea Cups and Labyrinth are), called March Hare Refreshments.

Wondrous purchases

Alice merchandise is widely available and generally tends to be plush Alice’s, Mad Hatter’s and White Rabbits.

Meeting Alice

Alice features across all the Parks quite regularly.

In Walt Disney World she can be regularly found near the Tea Cups in the Magic Kingdom, and at the United Kingdom pavilion in Epcot.

In Disneyland Alice meets on Main Street and around Fantasyland (usually near the Tea Cups and dark ride).

In Tokyo Disneyland, Alice can often be found in Fantasyland near the Tea Cups.

In Disneyland Paris, Alice is a little more elusive, but can sometimes be found around Fantasyland (either by “it’s a small world”, or near the Tea Cups), and on Main Street.

More information

More information about Alice, where to meet her, and loads more pictures can be found here on her page on this site.

Tokyo Disneyland Electrical Parade Dreamlights

And finally…

During her fantastical adventures through Wonderland Alice proves that she is up to any challenge, and is adaptable under difficult circumstances. For such a young girl she shows courage and determination in the face of confusion and danger.

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Dan :)

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