Disney's Once Upon a Dream Parade

Parc Disneyland, Disneyland Paris

Watch in awe as all the most wondrous dreams you could ever imagine make their way through the park, fully realised in spectacular Disney style. One of Disney's best daytime parades in many years, the Once Upon a Dream Parade invites you to follow your dreams and step into the wonder of laughter, adventure, romance, power and more. Eight amazing floats filled with all the most popular Disney stars, the Parade is a true delight for all your senses - including smell! A truly beautiful parade, you will be singing the theme tune all day long after you have stepped into Once Upon a Dream, only at Disneyland Paris!

About Disney's Once Upon a Dream Parade

Parc Disneyland's normal day parade. It was introduced for DLP's 15th anniversary. It consists of 8 floats

  • Dreams of Imagination - Featuring the Fab 5 plus Chip & Dale
  • Dreams of Laughter & Fun - Featuring characters from Alice in Wonderland and Pinocchio
  • Dreams of Friendship - Featuring characters from Toy Story and Winnie the Pooh
  • Dreams of Fantasy - Featuring characters from Peter Pan and Mary Poppins
  • Dreams of Power - Featuring the Disney Villains
  • Dreams of Adventure - Featuring characters from The Lion King and The Jungle Book
  • Dreams of Romance - Two Floats featuring the Disney Princes and Princesses

There are two parade stops where most characters will get off the floats and (along with the other performers) perform a choreographed dance/performance.

During the Halloween season the Dreams of Trick or Treat unit is added featuring lots of Pumpkin People, Jack Skellington, Sally, and a load of extra Disney Villains.

During the Christmas season the Dreams of Christmas unit is added featuring Santa, his elves, his reindeer, and various other Christmas characters

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Pictures of Disney's Once Upon a Dream Parade