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Character News and Updates From Around the Web - Soundsational previews in CA, and Easter at the Parks and Resorts
DisneyDan  Wednesday, April 27, 2011 11:57:18 AM
Hi all,

Sorry it has taken a while to get back into things this week from our trip to NYC and WDW, hence why I haven't posted anything new until now.

There isn't really any big news this week, just a few smaller items.

On the Character Central forum Loren posted an Easter update from California, and also the latest news regarding the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail area and what the future holds for that. I won't repeat all he said, so why not check it out now?

Also this week there was a Cast preview of the new Soundsational parade, on Monday I heard. At the weekend Disneyland were also filming some new advertising for the parade in the park during regular hours, which meant that Guests were treated to a sneak peek of two of the new floats - the Mickey and Tiana ones. Mr Daps was there to take some photos and video.

Over in Paris, we heard that there was some special Easter Egg hunts at the Resort Hotels involving the Alice in Wonderland characters, and Prince Mickey was randomly seen out in Fantasyland (not really Easter related, but cool all the same).

I have also heard unconfirmed rumours that the show stops will be changing once again following their massive failure on the new one. Although the rumour I heard suggested that the Just Like We Dreamed It theme would be dropped altogether during the retooling. We certainly hope this is not true!

Finally one small thing for Easter at Walt Disney World. Mickey and Minnie were seen at some of the Resort Hotels as they sometimes are at Easter, dressed in different, but non-Easter related outfits. The pre-parade in the Magic Kingdom remained pretty much unchanged except this year Clara Cluck and Chicken Little were also on the gazebo float!

Be sure to check out the latest Character of the Week.

Ok that's all for now,

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