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Character of the Week - Max Goof
disneydan  Friday, April 22, 2011 7:51:24 AM
Max Goof is the son of the ever clumsy but lovable Goofy. Max is an only child and lives alone with his dad. Often embarrassed by his dad, Max despairs at the thought of becoming like his father. Sometimes he finds himself laughing like his dad or sharing the same mannerisms. This is particularly evident when he is trying to impress his crush, Roxanne.

Meeting Max

Max likes to skateboard and even tries to compete in the Gammas championships. Max loves the band Powerline, and following a disastrous camping trip somehow manages to get his dad to take him to the concert to impress Roxanne. Max's best friend is P.J, who is the son of the ever villainous Pete. In the Goof Troop series they often find themselves getting into bother. When Max gets older he works as a valet at Mickey's club, the House of Mouse.

At the Parks and Resorts

Max merchandise, shows featuring him or other items are pretty much obsolete at the Parks these days and very little can be found with him on or in.

Meeting Max

Max does not get out very often at the parks and resorts, but he can be found fairly often at Minnie's Breakfast in the Park at the Plaza Inn at Disneyland California. Over in Tokyo DisneySea, Max can often be found roaming around the Lost River Delta wearing his native Central American clothes.

Meeting Lost River Delta Max Goof

More Information

For more information on Max, including more precise meeting locations and shows and parades he features in, check out his page on this site here.

DLP Dec 2010 - Farewell Breakfast at the Founder's Club

And Finally...

Despite his sometimes harsh attitude towards his dad, Max does care for him. Ultimately, whether he likes it or not, he knows he is more like his dad than he allows others to see, which ultimately to others makes him all the more lovable, despite his reservations about being a goof.

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DLP Dec 2010 - Farewell Breakfast at the Founder's Club

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