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Character of the Week - The Beast and Prince Adam
DisneyDan  Friday, May 6, 2011 11:23:57 AM
At a young age, Prince Adam enjoyed the riches of his own castle, complete with loyal and friendly servants. With no one to answer to Adam grows selfish and cold. One night a beggar woman comes to his castle asking for shelter in return for a rose, but the naive young prince turns her away, seeing no need to aid her.

Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade

Angered by his attitude the beggar woman reveals herself to be a powerful enchantress, and turns him into a monstrous beast and his entire staff into objects as punishment. The rose becomes his clock, a reminder of the limited time he has to change his selfish ways and to find love, or risk being doomed forever.

Meeting Belle and Beast

Ten years later, and very close to his 21st birthday deadline, the Beast captures a young village girl's father when he accidentally strays into his realm. After a series of events, the Beast finds himself confronted with the old man's daughter, who offers herself in the old man's place. In what becomes his first step to redemption, he allows the old man to go free, and takes Belle as his prisoner but on much looser terms. She is allowed to roam the castle, except the West Wing. Belle attempts to teach the Beast some manners and how to enjoy his self inflicted imprisonment.

When the Beast realises Belle misses her father, he takes another step in freeing him and his castle from the curse - he allows her to use his magic mirror given to him by the enchantress, to view her father. Seeing her father in danger the Beast allows Belle to leave.

Realising that he loves her, the Beast believes he has missed his chance to fall in love and break the spell. Belle returns to find that the village mob are about to storm the castle, but is locked away before she can warn him.


With his castle under siege the Beast allows himself to be attacked, finally realising the error of his ways, and that he has never shown love or compassion to a living soul, thus forever doomed to be a beast. As Gaston deals the fatal blow, the Beast knocks the villain from the rooftop, before collapsing. Belle arrives just before his final breathes, and tells him that she loves him.

The dying Beast is suddenly shrouded in light and is transformed back into a now handsome 21 year old Prince Adam. The castle is restored to it's former glory, and Belle and Adam live happily ever after in true Disney style.

At the Parks and Resorts

At Walt Disney World the Beast features in the Celebrate a Dream Come True Parade on a daily basis. He also features in his and Belle's stage show at Disney's Hollywood Studios. Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage also features the Beast as Prince Adam before and after his transformation - not seen anywhere else.

WDW Sept 2008 - Beauty and the Beast Live on Stage

The Beast is also in the night parades Dreamlights (Tokyo Disneyland) and FantIllusion (Disneyland Paris), though we have heard from this summer in Paris he will be featuring as Adam instead.
Prince Adam features in Tokyo Disneyland's and Disneyland Paris's day parade.


Prince Adam also features in the once a day Hub show in Disneyland Paris.
Beast features in Fantasmic! at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World.
When the new Fantasyland expansion is complete in the Magic Kingdom, the Beast's castle will be featured where it is believed there will be some sort of story time happening.
You can visit the Beast's library in the Animation Building in California Adventure.
At Disneyland Paris the Beast's castle can be seen high above Belle's village in the Storybookland area.

Meeting The Beast/Prince Adam

At Walt Disney World Beast meets regularly in France at EPCOT, and at the Magic Kingdom's Christmas Parties during November and December.
At Disneyland Paris Prince Adam meets randomly (no set locations or times) on a fairly regular basis - you just have to find him!

More Information

For more information on the Beast/Adam, including more precise meeting locations and shows and parades he features in, check out his pages here (Beast) and here (Adam) on this site.

And Finally

Despite his mistakes and selfish attitude as a young man, the Beast grows wiser as he gets older, and redeems himself with the sacrifice of his life for the woman he loves. Proving to be a true hero in the face of danger, the Beast is rewarded with the gift of life and the girl he loves. His castle restored and Belle by his side, Prince Adam becomes a truly worthy prince.

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